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Why Dr Ofweneke won't call Nicah the Queen his 'baby mama'

Ofweneke has explained why he will never call Nicah his 'baby mama' during his recent interview

Nicah the Queen

Kenyan MC and comedian, Dr Ofweneke, recently spoke to Nairobi News and revealed that he would never refer to Nicah the Queen as his 'baby mama' when answering questions about her.

Ofweneke explained that he believes it would be disrespectful to refer to Nicah in that way, and instead prefers to refer to her as the mother of their children.

The two have two children together, and during the interview, Ofweneke expressed that he wishes Nicah all the best as he tried to explain that she is one of the lead actresses in a recently launched reality show.


The MC added that he is willing to provide Nicah with any sort of help she may need, as he believes that the mother of his children will do well on the show.

“I have watched the show but I can’t say much about it. The mother of my children is in the main cast of the show and I am happy for her.

“With a lot of respect, she is good at what she does and when the camera is on her, she gets into the action. She will do well on the show," Dr Ofweneke said.

Ofweneke once said that he would not emcee at Nicah's wedding since that would be disrespecting his current wife in some way.


“I will not MC Nicah’s wedding because I am very much married which is something in the public and it will be disrespectful to my wife and I don’t think in any way that can be understood," Ofweneke said.

Ofweneke also mentioned that Nicah's current partner is a part of his children's life, but clarified that he has no intentions of getting back together with Nicah, as he sees that chapter of his life as closed.

However, he emphasized that the happiness of his daughters is important, and if Nicah is happy, then his daughters must be in a happy environment.


Nicah did not take it lightly, as she hit back at the father of her children, asking him to reveal his rate card and questioning if he has a passion for his job.

She added that Ofweneke should attend her event to make everyone laugh and then retire to his wife after her ceremony.


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