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Edgar Obare's Biography: Age, education, career, girlfriend, net worth

From exposing cheating scandals to social issues, Kenyan blogger Edgar Obare has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of digital media.

Kenyan blogger and content creator Edgar Obare

Edgar Obare is a Kenyan blogger and content creator, who has gained significant recognition for his fearlessness in tackling controversial topics surrounding the lives of celebrities.

From cheating scandals to social issues, Obare has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of digital media.

While maintaining a private personal life, he has managed to captivate his audience through his engaging content and distinctive style.


Edgar Obare was born on December 10, 1991 in Kisumu county. Despite being a public figure, he remains tight-lipped about his early childhood and family background, making it difficult to delve into his background life.

However, his academic achievements shed light on his determination and intellectual prowess.

Obare graduated from Moi High School, Kabarak in 2009 before obtaining a degree in Information Systems and Technology from the United States International University, Africa in 2014.


He further pursued a master's degree in Computer Science at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy, completing it in 2019.

Initially venturing into vlogging during his master's degree in Europe, Edgar Obare's content focused on sharing his travel experiences.

However, it was after his return to Kenya and the launch of his YouTube channel, Edgar Obare BNN (Bandana News Network), that his popularity skyrocketed.


The channel, with over 100,000 subscribers, became a platform for Obare to fearlessly ask tough questions and delve into controversial topics that others might shy away from.

Notably, he has shed light on celebrity cheating scandals while also addressing pertinent social issues such as unemployment, police brutality, corruption, and sex trafficking in Kenya.


Edgar Obare's personal life remains veiled in secrecy, and he prefers to keep his romantic relationships private.

However, it is known that he had a relationship with Wacera Nyaguthie Murage, a young woman he met in Nairobi in 2015.

The chemistry between them was strong, leading to a year-long relationship. Although they parted ways for unknown reasons, they rekindled their romance in 2018, which ultimately did not work out.

Since then, no public information about Edgar Obare's love life has emerged.


As a self-made man, Edgar Obare has achieved remarkable success in his chosen field.

His YouTube channel garners over one million views each month, and he also monetizes his Instagram account by promoting various businesses. However, he has not declared his networth publicly.

Additionally, Obare's influence and impact have been recognized through accolades such as the Blogger of the Year Award in February 2021 and his inclusion as one of the 19 social media influencers to win the Inaugural Africa Digital Influencer Awards.


While Edgar Obare has amassed a significant following and earned praise for his candid approach, his daring exposés have not come without controversy.

One of his notable stories involved Natalie Tawe and Governor Joho, which landed him behind bars.

He has also covered the "wash wash" scandal involving Felix Odiwuor, known as Jalang'o. Obare's willingness to push boundaries and share controversial stories has made him a polarizing figure among celebrities and the public alike.


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