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Eric Omondi's fiancée Lynne, declares stance on reports of his 'other baby’

Lynne reveals she won't handle cases of Eric Omondi's other children, if any arise

Eric Omondi's fiancée Lynne

Lynne, the fiancé of renowned comedian Eric Omondi, has finally spoken out about their pregnancy and addressed the rumors surrounding Eric's alleged clout chasing.

Lynne & Eric recently announced that they were expecting their first child together. She took the opportunity to express her gratitude towards Eric for making her a mother.

Speaking to YouTuber Vincent Mboya on Sunday 11, she promised to love Eric unconditionally and emphasized the importance of their growing family.


Lynne explained why they opted for a small announcement regarding their pregnancy, stating that while it is a significant milestone, it is still just a pregnancy.

However, she did mention their plans for an upcoming gender reveal, promising that it would be both original and grand.

She expressed her excitement about the reveal, assuring their followers that it would be an experience unlike any other they had witnessed before.


"Gender reveal yetu aki hatukopiani, we will be very unique na itakua reveal hamjaona. Itakuwa kubwa!" Lynne said.

Lynne shed light on their relationship, revealing that they have been dating for three years.


They first met after her birthday in 2020, around the first week of April. Lynne recounted that they initially connected while shooting something together, and from there, their bond grew stronger over time.

"For three years now. We've known each other for three years. I met Eric after my birthday in 2020 around the first week of April. We were shooting something… Kutoka hapo we've been in touch then vitu zika flow, now we are here," she said.

Asked how she would handle the news of Eric having another baby, Lynne made it very clear that she would not be the person to handle such an issue.

"I don’t think I'll be the one to handle that. Eric will handle it. Me I'll be handling my baby or babies," she said.


Addressing the claims of Eric Omondi being a clout chaser, Lynne came to his defence. According to her, Eric is simply dedicated to his work and following his passion and dreams.

She highlighted his goals and dreams, acknowledging that he is chasing something meaningful.

Lynne firmly believes that Eric's aspirations and accomplishments should not be hindered by the arrival of their family.


On the contrary, she feels that having a child should serve as further motivation for him to continue pursuing his dreams.

"Eric lazima a hustle lazima awapiganie. Ni goals zake ni dream zake. Kuna kitu anachase after. And at the same time ananeed a supportive person and that’s where I come in. He’s always there for me.

"I think anafaa aendelee. Hafai kupunguza coz he’s not doing a bad thing. And at the same time, having a family and having a kid should not stop you from building what you wanted to build,'" she said.


Lynne defended Eric's actions, asserting that people often fail to understand his comedic nature and role as a content creator. She reminded everyone that Eric has a job to do and must fulfill his responsibilities as a comedian.

"Just remember he is also a content creator and a comedian so he has to do what he has to do," she said.

She made it clear that she supports Eric wholeheartedly and will continue to be there for him, while also focusing on her role as a mother.


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