Esther Musila reveals how she was tricked into her surprise Engagement party

I cried, I cried 😢😢This is one moment I will live to remember- Esther

Esther Musila narrates how she was tricked into her surprise Engagement party

Esther Musila has jot down a beautiful message to her fiancé Guardian Angel, narrating how her surprise birthday party was planned and executed without her knowledge.

Ms Musila said that Angel lied to her that they were going to sign a deal in Karen, only to end up at a surprise Birthday party, that later turned into a proposal.

She added that, along the way, Guardian went to the extent of apologizing that he was broke and couldn't afford to finance her Birthday.

Yesterday was my birthday. As usual woke up did my morning exercises, had breakfast, and since I am working from home I have to manage my time we recorded our Zaidi Zaidi video and since I had been informed we had to go and do the signing for the record deal, I was even convinced to wear a dress(which I don't do anymore) for the photo sessions and there after he would take me out for dinner! I obliged and we set off for Karen.

My G even in the car apologised that he was broke he wishes he could have done more, and since for me birthdays are not really a big deal, I told him not to worry I am OK as long as am healthy and God has brought me this far it didn't matter” she said in part.

She further explained that it took a couple of minutes for the surprise proposal to sink in, before she was overwhelmed by emotions.

“So, we get to Karen, ushered into the studio and said we give them a few minutes as they set up. Then, someone called him outside of the room and he took quite sometime to return. Kidogo kidogo he stands at the door then he asks me to come. As I stand up to leave, someone starts playing the saxophone and that's when it hits me🙆‍♀️. I can't even move my feet and all of a sudden there are so many people around I has not seen when we arrived. So I am led through a path lined up with roses into a gazebo and there sits my cake. At this point am thinking, my G, here you got me! I shall deal with you when we are alone.

So I am there cutting cake then because obviously I expect to feed him cake or vice versa, I turn to find him then I see him behind me on bended knee!! I quickly turn back because I don't think I've seen right 🤭. I turn back again and that's when it hits me, he is proposing🙊🙊. It took me a couple of minutes to take it in. I said no no meaning I can't believe my eyes!!! I cried, I cried 😢😢. This is one moment I will live to remember. Double blessings I must say.

What a way to celebrate.

Mrs. G” wrote Esther Musila.

On Tuesday, gospel singer Guardian Angel proposed to his lover Esther Musila and it was a big Yes.

"To God be the glory.❣❣❣ YES !! THANK YOU MY LOVE. She left home knowing we were going to sign a deal, it turned into a birthday surprise then turned into the most special day of my life. #THANKSFORCOMINGshared Guardian Angel.

A happy Esther took to social media to share the news of her engagement “OH MY GOD - I said YES again🙏”.



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