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Those who've been in & out of my life, ahsante - CS Mutua says as he turns 53

Mutua also celebrated his family who he said have contributed greatly to his growth

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua is celebrating a significant milestone today as he marks his 53rd birthday.

In a post shared on his social media platforms, Mutua expressed his gratitude for another year of life, reflecting on the journey that brought him to this point and acknowledging the people who have shaped his path.

Amidst the well-wishes and celebratory messages, Mutua took a moment to offer his sincere appreciation to his mother, whose love has nurtured him.

"Special thanks to my wonderful and beautiful mother for being in labour and giving birth to me 53 years ago today - August 22nd - and nursing and nurturing me," Mutua said.


Equally important in shaping his character and outlook, Mutua recognised the influence of his father.

He expressed gratitude for his father's positive disposition, as well as for the values instilled in him during his upbringing.

"I thank my dad for his jokes and happy spirit and for bringing me up in an upright manner," Mutua shared.


Mutua's sentiments extended to his siblings, relatives, and the shared experiences that have strengthened their bonds. He acknowledged the significance of these relationships, emphasising their ongoing importance in his life.

"Thanks to my siblings and relatives for all we have shared and will continue to share," Mutua expressed.

One of the most touching aspects of Mutua's post was his appreciation for his children. He marvelled at the unique ways in which they reflect his own traits and expressed his deep gratitude for their unwavering love.


"I am amazed how much of me they have in them and I am full of gratitude," Mutua shared, highlighting the special connection he shares with his children.

The birthday message also extended to those who have come and gone in his life, acknowledging their contributions to his growth and development.

"To those who have been in and out of my life and made me better - Ahsante. My friends (and I am lucky to have genuine friends), the adventure continues," he said.


In a final note, Mutua expressed his current state of contentment and gratitude. "I am at a very good place in life - happy, peaceful, content, and grateful," he concluded.


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