Ex-Machachari Actress Mama Stella on Battling Vitiligo & Life after show ended

I got depressed- Mama Stella opens up

Actress Cindy aka Mama Stella

Former Machachari actress Clara Wamaitha aka Cindy (Mama Stella) opened up on her battle with full blown Vitiligo years after exiting our TV screen.

In an interview with Hiram Maina, Mama Stella narrated that, months after the end of Machachari her skin started changing with one spot after the other, before being diagnosed with vitiligo.

“Even before Machachari ended, I spotted some slight colouring but then I ignored it. I was not that keen on my skin but after sometime it became full-blown (This is Vitiligo) but am currently recovering. Nimetumia Pesa na medication sio rahisi hata Kidogo …nimefanyiwa tests, but unajua sisi kama artistes tumekuwa grounded for some time now” said Mama Stella.


The actress went on to disclosed that she has been fully dependent on her daughter (Maggy) who has been footing all her medical bills.

“Nimekuwa nategemea my daughter yangu Maggy na hakuna Hospital sijaenda…but hiyo yote ujue inataka pesa na mimi siko job na ile pesa kidogo nilikuwa nimesave ndo tunakula…so kuna wakati nimetumwa Kenyatta Hospital for test na hiyo ni Sh28K and yote iko on Maggy…”

“Hii Journey imekuwa ngori at some point nilikuwa depressed, before ni-accept hivi ndo kunaenda haikuwa rahisi, unajua mimi ni artiste, na juu nimechange skin kuna watu hawatukuita kwa show zao”.

Cindy appealed to Film Directors not to victimize or rule her out of their shows just because her skin changed.

“Bado nataka Pesa ya madawa…na kama kuna mtu hapo nje anajua Daktari mpoa wa Vitiligo sitamind mkinisaidia.

Thanks to my daughter and family self-esteem yangu ilirudi fity… In case of any help my No. is 07 26405996”

The actress went to appeal to her fans to help her put up a business that will cost around Sh150K and as well as take care of her medication.

“Nataka kuweka biz ya viatu… na itacost kama Sh150k na sitasumbua mtu tena”

During her time on Machachari, Mama Stella was able to educate all her three children to University Level.

She also narrated being confronted by fans who could not differentiate her TV role with her real life.

“Nikichapa role ile mbaya, Stella amelia leo, nilikuwa na avoid kutoka Nje hiyo week juu kuna Mafans hawajui differentiate Clara na Cindy. Nimepiga Role Stella amelia nimekula school fee, they will beat you. Si wote wanajua kuna character na kuna wewe…kuna wale walikuwa wananipata kwa streets wanata kunipiga because of my character”

After getting information that Machachari might come to an end Cindy put up a music studio in Gilgil.

“Hiyo niliweka after nilipata fununu Machachari inaweza kuisha…but hata haikuweza kusaidia juu Corona iliweka watu on their knees”.

Cindy has featured in a number of local drama such as; Wingu la Moto, Makutano Junction and Machachari, all because of her blood sister Mama Almasi.


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