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Mejja hints at troubled love life 2 years after finding new girlfriend

Mejja's love life has been private after parting ways with his baby mama

Genge singer Mejja

Award-winning Genge artist Mejja has dropped signals about the state of his current relationship, suggesting that it might be facing challenges.

During an interview with YouTuber Presenter Kai, Mejja was questioned about plans to settle to down and when the wedding day would be if there were plans for any.

In response, Mejja lightly said that was an area he needed assistance with

"Heeh! Uhm, hiyo sector, ndio nataka kuenda therapy..." he stated.


Unsatisfied by Mejja's response the digital content creators probed further to understand its meaning. They questioned whether his partner was no longer present in the relationship, to which Mejja responded, "Your girlfriend is only yours when you are with her."

The singer then clarified that the his relationship status was complicated leaving out further details.

"Hapana, si ata hayuko. What I can say... well, let me just say it is complicated, wacha niwache hivyo.


"[No, she's not even present. What I can say... well, let me just say it is complicated, let's leave it at that]", Mejja said.

Eager to uncover more details, the YouTubers persisted, urging Mejja to elaborate on why he referred to the situation as complicated.

In a humorous manner, Mejja shared his perspective, saying until proper procedure had been followed and one settled down, then it is improper to say a woman is yours.

"Mimi husema hivi, mpaka ukae na dame miaka tano au kumi hivi ndio unaweza kuja hapa usema ni wako. Lakini manzi ni wako akiwa kwako, akitoka nje ni mali ya uma. Sasa ni kama kuniuliza kama Uhuru Park ni yangu, si ni ya uma?"

"[I always say, until you've been with a lady for five or ten years, that's when you can confidently claim she's yours. But when she goes out, she becomes public property. It's like asking me if Uhuru Park is mine, isn't it public property?]" he said.


Interestingly, in a previous interview conducted seven months ago, Mejja had expressed uncertainty about the possibility of marrying his current girlfriend.

When questioned about marriage, he laughed out loud, acknowledging that 'Kanairo Dating' (dating in Nairobi) is not an easy journey.


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