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Differences that forced Mejja and Madtraxx to part ways

Mejja and Matraxx were part of the Kansoul group before they parted ways to pursue solo careers

Mejja and Madtraxx

Former member of the Kansoul rap group, Madtraxx, has shed light on the reasons behind his decision to stop making music with his former bandmate, Mejja.

In a recent interview on the Iko Nini podcast, Madtraxx disclosed that ideological differences were the primary cause of their separation.

According to Madtraxx, he wanted to explore and experiment with different musical styles and genres, while Mejja's focus was solely on producing endless hit songs. This fundamental contrast in their creative visions ultimately led to their parting ways.

"While I was ready to experiment with music, Mejja was not. I can't claim to know his entire background, but Mejja is the breadwinner for his family, and when it comes to making music, it's all about creating hits. On the other hand, I entered the music industry to elevate the game," Madtraxx explained.


Highlighting an example of their differences, Madtraxx revealed that their hit song 'No Woman No Party' was approved by him and Kidkora, but Mejja was not in agreement with shooting the music video for the song.

"'No Woman No Party' was a fictional song created by the Kansoul. Kora and I loved the song, but Mejja had reservations about shooting a music video for it. I was willing to take musical risks, but he was not," Madtraxx noted, illustrating the conflicting perspectives within the group.

This revelation provides insight into the contrasting artistic directions that Madtraxx and Mejja pursued within the Kansoul. While Madtraxx sought to push boundaries and explore new horizons in music, Mejja's focus on delivering chart-topping hits reflected his role as the primary provider for his family.


The divergent musical ideologies eventually led to their separation as they each sought different paths in their respective careers.

However, it is important to note that despite the differences, Madtraxx acknowledged Mejja's commitment to supporting his family, which played a significant role in shaping their individual approaches to music.


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