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Georgina Njenga claps back at haters criticising her parenting style

Kenyan content creator, Georgina Njenga, has responded to people criticising new moms for having fun.

Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njenga has opened up about her experience with mommy shaming as a first-time mom.

On Sunday, February 5, the mother of one took to Instagram to share a story of how people have called her out as a bad mother.


According to Georgina, online critics have scrutinized her parenting skills, pointing to her love for partying and spending time with friends.

Georgina says that the worst thing about the situation is that the same questions are not directed at the father of the child.

"It's crazy, I can be in the house six out of seven days, but that one day, everyone will try to make me feel bad for going out, and it's all crazy because her dad never gets the same questions when he's out with his friends," Georgina Njenga wrote.


In addition, Georgina pointed out that interrogating a mother about her baby's location while she's having a good time is a type of mother-shaming that seeks to generate guilt in mothers.

She recounted her experience of being trapped in her home for three months after giving birth, which led to her developing postpartum depression due to her reluctance to seek help.

"During my first 3 months of being a mom, I really did overwork myself. I had no nanny because I felt I would be a lazy mom.

"I didn't leave the house only when going to clinics. I lost myself so much that I never thought I would overcome it. I fell into postpartum depression," she narrated.


However, Georgina clarified that she would never let unsolicited comments affect her and encouraged other young mothers to do the same.

"Am still a young girl trying to achieve her dreams in her 20s and am still going to live them in every opportunity that I get.

"If you are a young mum going through the same, don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being you," she said.


According to her, being a mother is only one part of their identity, and they have many other talents and strengths.

"Apart from being the title mom, we also have a lot of other things to offer," she said.

Georgina Njenga and her boyfriend, Tyler Mbaya, welcomed their first child, Astra, in May 2022.


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