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Gulf trainer shames Sauti Sol, Nyashinski & 6 other artists for missing DJ Babu's funeral

Patricko strongly advocates for individuals in the Gulf to boycott these musicians' shows in response to their absence at DJ Babu's funeral

Fitness trainer/coach residing in the Gulf Patrick Owino

In a video that circulated on August 12, a prominent fitness coach residing in the Gulf, Patrick Owino, popularly known as Patricko, expressed his disappointment and frustration towards Kenyan musicians who failed to attend the funeral of the late DJ Babu.

The fitness coach didn't mince words as he highlighted the lack of support from the music community during a time of grief.

DJ Babu's passing left a significant void in the entertainment industry and many individuals from various walks of life gathered to pay their final respects.


However, Patricko pointed out that despite numerous artists being listed on the eulogy, only two turned up to bid farewell to the DJ.

"Yesterday we felt dissapointed kabisa, we felt disspaointed and so bitter. Babu alisaidia watu wengi. Alikuwa na mabeshte wengi especially wasanii.

"Kitu ambayo inanishangaza, out of wale wasanii wote wamelistiwa hapa: There is Iyanii, MC Teargas, DJ Juan, Ssaru, MC Gogo, Masauti, Mejja, Nyashinksi, Sauti Sol, Khaligraph Jones. Hapo mtu ambaye nilimuona ni MC Gogo na Daffy, na mwingine mwenye nimesahau jina lake," he said.


Patricko's words conveyed his deep sense of disappointment and bitterness regarding the absence of Kenyan musicians at DJ Babu's funeral.

He emphasized how DJ Babu had extended his support to many individuals, especially artists, and had been a pillar of encouragement to them.

The fitness coach expressed incredulity at the fact that out of the long list of musicians who were expected to be present, only MC Gogo and Darfi, along with another individual whose name Patricko couldn't recall, showed up.


"This should be a lesson to us uko nje that we are alone. these people don't care about us, they care about our pockets kwa sababu unaeza imagine mmoja wetu amekufa na ameletwa mpaka home then none of them pulls up.

"None of them ambao huyu jamaa amewasaidia kupu food on their table. We are very dissapointed. Shame on you guys!" he said.

Patricko drew a clear connection between this lack of support during a time of mourning and the potential implications for future collaborations within the music industry.


"So this shows us that next time these people wana arrangiwa gigs uko dubs ama anywhere in gulf, guys you should not pull up. Kama they are not with us wakati tuko na msiba kwa nini sisi twende kujaza mfuko zao na shows zao walipwe vizuri," he said.

He asserted that if these artists can't stand in solidarity during a fellow artist's funeral, then they shouldn't expect others to rally behind them when it comes to their own endeavors.

The fitness coach questioned the integrity of artists who only seem to prioritize their personal gains over genuine camaraderie.


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