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Dorea Chege's remarks on 'Mr Right' TV show nearly breaks her marriage

That was so wrong of me. It was bad and cruel

Dorea Chege & DJ Dibul

Maria actress Dorea Chege recently made a heartfelt apology to her husband, DJ Dibul.

The actress, who had been missing in action, revealed that she had been battling illness. Fans had been wondering about her sudden absence, especially after she made some controversial remarks on live TV.

During an episode in Season 2 of the show ‘Mr. Right, Dorea was asked to elaborate on the type of man she would never consider dating.


In response, Dorea candidly expressed that she would not date a man who is financially broke, emphasizing that it was not because she values his money more than her own.

“Number one, if he is broke! Not that I love his money since I have my money, but I also want to be above him. I love controlling,” she stated.

The statement sparked mixed reactions among viewers, with some questioning her preference for financial superiority in a relationship.


In a video posted on her their YouTube channel, Dorea issues a public apology for publicly insulting her husband, Dj Dibul.

According to her, the statement was just a show to help propel the ratings of the program


"I decided because I said it publicly because I have apologised outside the camera. I have to say this or apologise in public.

"That was so wrong of me that it was bad. It was cruel and bad. I learnt a lesson. I publicly apologise to my baby. I nearly broke my marriage. I don't need to do things to make a show go viral. It is not what I meant," she said.

Dorea Chege, known for her role in the TV series Maria, shared the challenges she had faced and the love she received from her partner.


In an emotional message, she commended DJ Dibul for being by her side when everything seemed hopeless.

"This man has held it down for me. You know when they say 'for better or for worse'? I saw that side of him. I can't wait to say I do," she said, expressing her deep appreciation for his love and dedication.

The actress, visibly moved, promised DJ Dibul that she would reciprocate his care and support if he ever faced a similar situation.


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