Inooro TV’s Muthoni Mukiri opens up on how walking out of a toxic relationship took a toll on her

I had to see a therapist-Mukiri

Inooro TV News Anchor Muthoni Mukiri

Inooro TV news anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri has for the first time opened up on how walking out of a toxic relationship took a toll on her life, to the point that nothing seemed to be working out in her life.

Speaking in an episode of Muthoni’s Mission, the news anchor said that there were a lot of insecurities in the relationship, and that the ex-boyfriend was a lot of bad things.

According to her, it got to a point where she felt like she needed to leave, and she decided to end the relationship, a decision that hurt her so much.

Ms Mukiri narrated that after the break up, she lost so much weight and that nothing was working in her life.

She mentioned that it was so bad, that she had to seek the services of a therapist to get over the controlling ex-boyfriend.

A couple of years ago I dated this guy, it was a toxic relationship. There was a lot of insecurities and he was very controlling. Very insecure, he was a lot of bad things and it got to a point where I felt like I needed to leave and I needed to break it off with him. Eventually, I broke it off with him and it hurt so bad. I lost a lot of weight, my face broke out, nothing was working in my life and at some point, I even had to get a therapist, it was so bad but eventually I worked on myself, went through every step of the pain and I got over him,” narrated Muthoni Mukiri.

The sassy news anchor who was giving tips on how to overcome break ups also mentioned that it is amazing how after overcoming the break up, she is currently in a relationship, but did not reveal details of her man, stating that he is a very private individual.

Right now, I’m dating it’s amazing. He’s not in the media he’s very private I don’t want to talk about it so much,” she said.


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