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Valuable lessons Janet Mbugua learnt after reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend

Would you rekindle an old romance? Well, Janet Mbugua explains why she reached out to her ex-boyfriend and their current relationship status.

Media personality Janet Mbugua ( Instagram)

Media personality Janet Mbugua has opened up about her experience reconnecting with her high school sweetheart after many years.

In a video shared on her YouTube channel on April 14, she narrated the reasons behind reaching out and the current status of their relationship.

The catalyst for Janet's bold move came after watching the movie 'Half-Life,' which depicts the rekindling of a childhood connection between two individuals who had drifted apart.


Reflecting on the movie's storyline, Janet recounted the familiar tale of childhood friends who went their separate ways, only to reunite later in life.

The film's exploration of lingering 'what ifs' struck a chord with Janet, prompting her to ponder the possibility of unresolved emotions from her past.


Moved by the movie's storyline, Janet made the bold decision to call her high school sweetheart.

With a mix of nerves and curiosity, she initiated a conversation about their past relationship and why things hadn't worked out between them.

"Can I tell you what I did after watching the movie? I called someone. The movie makes people remember that someone, I did an entire rewind of somebody who was kinda together in high school.

"At every juncture of my life, he was there and at the very bare minimum, he's my friend. I called him and I was like hey why do you think we never ended up together? First I put a disclaimer and said I wanted to ask something but it should not feel offensive or confusing am just curious to know why," she said.


Despite the uncertainty, Janet approached the conversation with an open mind, seeking closure and understanding.

Through their exchange, they uncovered insights into their past dynamics and the factors that may have contributed to their separation.

They acknowledged that timing and maturity may have played a role in their inability to make it work in the past.


"It came down to maybe we were not just mature enough or maybe you wanted it more or I wanted it more than you did. Even though we had times when we were technically together somebody would just step down that I was too busy, or not ready or this was too much for me. And now here you are. You are both grown," she said.

Despite the challenges, they found solace in the realisation that they had both grown and evolved since their high school days.

For Janet, the experience served as a reminder of the importance of embracing closure and finding peace within oneself.

"After that conversation, he was like how do you feel now? And I was like I mean I feel fine. Then we were like is this closure coz we are now very good friends? And the thing is is it something that you can pursue or do you leave it as it is? The way it is right now is more like we can still get together, spend time, talk about work, and collaborate without feeling you know..." she said.


Despite the inherent challenges of revisiting past relationships, she emphasized the need to take control of one's reactions and seek resolution on one's terms.

Janet's journey serves as a reminder that closure is a personal journey that requires reflection and acceptance.


"The bottom line is sometimes you have to think of the closure as something you have to make peace with. You have to find your own. Sometimes a situation and a person you get to control how you react.

"So you're going to say I need closure and so for instance I'm gonna tell this guy like I know we have liked each other for a long time but I think we should just remain friends, is this something you think we can do?" she said.

Sometimes, finding closure means letting go of what could have been and embracing the present moment


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