Politicians approached me even after marriage – Janet Mbugua on sexual harassment

She speaks!

Politicians approached me even after marriage – Janet Mbugua on sexual harassment

Media Personality Janet Mbugua has disclosed that she was approached by politicians with sexual advances even after getting married and becoming a mother.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, the mother of two who was addressing issues to do with sexual harassment among women working in media said that even her colleagues approached her during her days in media.

Ms Mbugua said that she did not accept any of the advances on her, by telling them that what they were doing was wrong and they would stop.

According to Janet who formerly worked for Citizen TV, accepting these advances from the politicians would take away her sincerity if she were to address groups of women, adding that it is purely a personal choice that everyone has to make in turning down sexual advances.

How many men have approached me or colleagues in media over the years, so many! Did I say yes, no. (Politicians) They were there, even when you’ve got kids but I just used to say point blank, don’t you know that I have a family. Don’t you think what you are doing and saying is so wrong. And it used to end. I think walikuwa wanaogopa. I used to speak with my kalow voice. It’s a choice I just said even before I had a family I said if this person can give me all the money in the world, them they will look like my boy umefanya poa. What will happen to me when I enter a conference for women and I want to be a moderator or a panelist? There is no credibility I’ll have,” said Janet Mbugua.

Mama Boys also mentioned that during her days in media, she came across sexual harassment cases among interns and she took up the matter to the Human resource department where such cases were dealt with and brought to an end.


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