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Jose Chameleone thrills Toronto fans hours after he was discharged from hospital [Video]

Jose Chameleone performed in Canada after his discharge from a Minneapolis hospital in the U.S.

Jose Chameleone in a photo that was posted on June 1, 2023.

Ugandan legendary singer, Jose Chameleone, delighted his fans in Toronto, Canada as he took to the stage mere hours after being discharged from a hospital in the United States.

Jose shared a clip in which he paused his performance and made his way toward the area where the fans were standing, aiming to interact with them.

The fans couldn't contain their joy, and those who were positioned at the front attempted to touch the artist as he walked by, creating an atmosphere of ecstatic screams and happiness.


At one point, Jose Chameleone humbly bowed in front of the fans, and in a heartfelt gesture, their hands descended upon his head as if blessing him.

Chameleone expressed his gratitude to those who attended the event by sharing a clip on his Instagram page.

He also hinted at his upcoming plans, suggesting that he would be returning to the United States during the summer.

I showed up. Thank you for the unconditional love. The smiles on your faces are the prayers for me. One day we shall come back big, brighter, and better," Chameleone wrote.


Some of Jose's fans in the comment section however urged him to recover fully first before embarking on performances.

On July 9, Jose Chameleone took to Instagram to express his gratitude to everyone who supported him during his hospitalisation.

The renowned singer acknowledged that the kind wishes he received from people played a significant role in giving him strength during this challenging time.


Furthermore, he expressed his deep appreciation to the hospital facility that provided him with treatment and assisted him in his journey toward recovery.

"While my recovery may still require some time and patience, I am confident that I will return to good health soon. God has always been good to me," Jose wrote.

Several Kenyan and international celebrities commented on the post, offering words of encouragement to Jose and assuring him that everything would be alright.


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