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Jua Cali's 4 must-have traits for standup, after 'Not Funny' tweet on Njugush

Jua Cali recognised Eddie Butita and YY Comedian as some of the comedians who have grasped the art of stand-up comedy in Kenya

Genge singer Jua Cali

Genger rapper Jua Cali has maintained his stand that Timothy Kimani 'Njugush' is yet to become a stand-up comedian, asking Njugush to re-work his content.

The rapper explained that he has been a fan of stand-up comedy for a long time, pointing out that there are several traits which a great stand-up comedian must possess.

Mentioning examples of established American comedians Martin Lawrence and Dave Chapelle, the 'Safi Sana' rapper insisted that a stand-up comedian must be clever, witty and quick to develop jokes that move a crowd.


"Kucreate content ya 1 hour constantly si rahisi, lazima ukue na team noma karibu. Standup comedian should be very clever, witty and think jokes on the fly to engage the crowd and also have a certain swagger kwa stage.

"Kujirusha kwa hii art form you should study the greats kama the Kings of Comedy kwanza Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Martin Lawrence,Jamie Foxx na Dave Chappelle wale ni ma Beast kwa stage!!!" Jua Cali explained.

Locally, Jua Cali crowned YY Comedian and Eddie Butita as two comedians who understand the art, revealing that he had already suggested the idea of lengthy specials to Butita.


He clarified that his assessment is not meant as an attack on Njugush nor his fans, offering that Njugush needs to put in more effort before joining the league of stand-up comedians.

"Fans wa Njugush na Njugush poleni sana kama hio tweet ilicome out harsh hio haikua intention napenda Skits za Njugush ni vile tu StandUp ni ballgame ingine noma but polepole with practice NJUGUSH will become one of the Greats," he wrote.


Jua Cali on July 9 dismissed Njugush's 'Through Thick and Thin' Australia tour saying, the comedian was not funny at all.

"Njugush ni boy wangu but no comedian apo, not funny at all," he tweeted.

The tweet attracted divergent views from fans of both artists which saw Jua Cali eventually support his remarks in a subsequent tweet.


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