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Andrew Kibe's return won't affect Kamene Goro's stance on their reconciliation

"I'm not here to make peace. Forgiveness tuliachia Mungu," Kamene Goro

Media personality Kamene Goro

Media personality Kamene Goro recently opened up about her relationship with Andrew Kibe.

Kamene revealed that she has no plans to reconcile with her former co-host, Andrew Kibe, who is set to return to Kenya in December.

In an interview with TUKO, Kamene Goro was asked about the possibility of reconciliation with Kibe given his return to the country.


"He's coming to the country, you know many people are waiting for this man. Hakuna vile utasema you know tulikuwa marafiki si tuketi chini tu...," the interviewer mentioned.

She promptly interrupted, dismissing any possibility of reconciliation.

"No! I wouldn't. Atanipata wapi? Am not Kofi Annan. I'm not here to make peace. Forgiveness tuliachia mungu. December I'll probably be in Mauritius," Kamene said.


Kamene's response clearly indicated that she had no intentions of engaging in any reconciliation talks with Kibe.

Kamene and Kibe, who were co-hosts at Kiss 100, had a fallout that attracted the attention of the public.

In a previous interview, Kamene explained that her decision to part ways with Kibe was influenced by his high expectations that she would leave with him. However, she chose to continue her journey without him.


"It's not that I didn't enjoy it; it's just that having other co-hosts, I realized it wasn't healthy. Kibe was my friend, and I think he expected that when he left, I would leave with him," he said.

Kamene expressed her confusion regarding Kibe's actions and choices, describing them as extremely distasteful.

She particularly took issue with Kibe dragging her name for YouTube views. Kamene clarified that she harbored no personal animosity towards him but disapproved of his behavior.


When Kibe left media, he said that many of his friends abandoned him and life became tough.

After losing his biggest income streams, he lost his car and house and remained homeless for a while before he got back on his feet.


"2020 ilikuwa imeniokota bruh (2020 hit me hard), I lost my moti (car), I lost the house I was living in, I was homeless for a moment," he confessed.

After opening his own internet radio station in 2020, Kibe relocated to the U.S. where he has been living since.


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