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Kamene shares 2 vital rules after emotional encounter with a lady in club washroom

Kamene Goro recounted an encounter she had with a distressed lady in a club washroom

Media personality Kamene Goro

Former radio host Kamene Goro recently took to Instagram to share a powerful message with netizens, particularly women, about taking control of their lives and happiness.

In a candid video posted on July 26, Kamene recounted an experience she had with a distressed lady at a club, which served as the inspiration for her empowering message.

While enjoying a night out at a club, Kamene Goro stumbled upon a young woman in tears inside the washroom.


Concerned about the stranger's well-being, Kamene approached her to offer support and find out the reason behind her emotional turmoil.

"Over the weekend i was in the club and i went to the bathroom. I found this babe really devastated, she was really crying. I was a bit concerned and was like what's up baby girl, why are you crying?" Kamene said.

The lady revealed that she had requested some shots at her table, but her boyfriend responded harshly, belittling her in front of others.


His hurtful words left her feeling devastated, leading her to seek solace in the washroom, where Kamene found her sobbing.

"And she is lie she was at the table and she requested for some shots and... her boyfriend akamjibu vibaya. Akamwambia what's wrong with you, this is all you're about. Na akamzushia infront of people and she felt really bad. So she walked away and went to the toilet to cry," she said.


Kamene Goro's encounter with the distressed lady prompted her to address a crucial lesson that she wanted to share with her followers: the importance of taking charge of one's own happiness.

She questioned why anyone would allow their joy and well-being to be dictated by someone else's mood or actions.

"I was like how do you let your happiness, and joy and your enjoyment be subjected to someone else's mood?" she said.

The radio host emphasized the need to establish personal boundaries and set expectations for how others should treat us.


She recounted her own experience of not tolerating being shouted at and how she makes it clear to others that such behavior is unacceptable.

"One thing i have learnt, i don't like to be shouted at. So when someone does i tell them off, i do not like to be handled like that," she said.

By setting clear boundaries and asserting oneself, one can prevent mistreatment and ensure that their happiness is not dependent on someone else's actions or words.

"You need to teach people how to address you, because if you don't set boundaries, they will mistreat you and come back with pathetic sorry," she said.


A crucial aspect of Kamene's message is the reminder that when someone behaves poorly, it often has little to do with the person being mistreated.

"Do you realise that when someone does something bad it has little to nothing to do with you? Two things baby girl, nobody else other than you should determine your happiness and joy. Number two, should someone decide to cross your line of happiness check them," she said.

Instead of internalizing hurtful behavior, Kamene advises her followers to recognize that such actions reflect the other person's issues and insecurities.


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