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Kamene Goro shuts online bully as she reveals reason for upcoming surgery

Kamene Goro revealed she is set to undergo surgery which will see her fitted with a knee implant.

Kamene Goro

Former Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro, has once again shut down online body shaming around a medical surgery she is set to undergo.

The media personality on Sunday revealed that she will undergo knee surgery, shortly after a similar treatment.

During a question and answer session on her Instagram, Kamene found herself facing a negative comment that suggested her weight was causing strain on her knees.

"Magoti zimeshindwa kubeba hio kilo," the user commented.


However, Kamene's response was measured and empowering. She encouraged the netizen to show kindness and understanding, clarifying that her weight was not the reason behind her upcoming surgery.

"Wow, I really wonder about such people. But remember when people show you their worst, learn and move. Be better nani," Kamene responded.

Kamene took the opportunity to clarify that she has thrice torn her meniscus - the c-shaped cartilage pad in the knee that acts as a shock absorber.

She emphasised that her knee issues were not due to her weight.


"I've torn my meniscus three times. It's not a weight thing. So I'm due to fix the third tear and get an implant," Kamene explained.

This isn't the first time Kamene Goro has faced knee troubles. In July 2019, she experienced an accident at her house, which led her to undergo the initial surgery.

Since then, Kamene has undergone multiple surgeries to repair and maintain the affected knee.


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In a recent update on August 26, Kamene shared her philosophy of not letting other people's behaviour affect her.

Kamene said the new approach she learnt under a month ago has seen her learn alot from people within and outside her circle.


She encouraged her followers to learn from negative experiences and to move forward with their lives, letting go of hurt and irritation.


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