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Karen Nyamu addresses assault allegations after viral photo

Kenyans online speculated that Nyamu could have been a victim of domestic violence

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu

In the midst of speculations surrounding her well-being, Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has taken a firm stand to address the issue of Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

A photograph depicting Karen with a partially covered eye sparked online discussions, with some misinterpreting it as a black eye that could have been a result of gender based violence.

In a Live session on her Facebook page, Karen expressed her indifference to public opinion about her private life, but highlighted a deeper concern regarding the trivialization of GBV.

Recognizing that she has been a victim of GBV in the past, Karen stressed the importance of honesty and vowed never to hide such experiences.


“I am here to raise awareness about GBV and to emphasize that it is not something to joke about. If I ever experience such violence, I will come forward, speak out loudly, and seek justice. But for now, I have not faced any physical abuse since the last time I talked about it,” Senator Nyamu said.

Her intention was to raise awareness about the issue and prompt introspection among those who may have used the photo as a means of settling scores or fueling animosity towards others.

Karen raised pertinent questions about the response to her situation if she were indeed a victim of violence, questioning the bitterness displayed by certain individuals.


"Is that how people would treat me if indeed I was a victim? Why are some women so bitter even with such things?" she asked.

"I am not here to defend myself. I have not been beaten by anyone," she added.

Clarifying the context of her relationship, Karen reiterated that she had not been assaulted by her partner, popular singer Samuel Muchoki, known as Samidoh.


She highlighted that she had confronted the individual thought to have beaten her, who urged her to ignore the rumours. However, Karen emphasized her commitment to never sweep such matters under the carpet and her determination to seek justice if she ever experiences violence.


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