Ken Mijungu schools Kenyans on supporting friends' businesses

Ken Mijungu gave an example of his friendship with Larry Madowo and how the CNN anchor helped him make money.

Ken Mijungu and Larry Madowo

KTN news anchor ken Mijungu has some lessons for Kenyans on supporting friends' businesses.

Reacting to a discussion that has been on going on social media, Mijungu who runs a car hire and chopper charter company, said that it was not fair for Kenyans to expect help from personal friends if they don't support their businesses.

Giving a personal story, the news anchor said that he recently encountered a friend who declined to promote his car hire business yet later called to ask for financial help.

He explained that as a friend he doesn't mind coming through for friends when they've also helped him in some way.

An example would be when Larry Madowo was recently in the country, he wanted to hire a car that Mijungu didn't have but because the CNN journalist had supported is business, Mijungu went out of his way to find the car and even paid for it.

"One time a neighbour wanted a vehicle from me, we couldn’t agree on the price just because he didn’t want the market rate. He wanted it a little cheaper. We didn’t agree later he hired my very car through a broker. I wonder what he felt when the car showed up because he paid even more for it.

"Last week a good friend was in the country for his Grandma’s burial. He called me to ask for a car to the village. I didn’t even have what he wanted. This guy has been putting money in my pocket for years," Mijungu wrote.

He went on to list friends who run businesses that he gives priority when buying personal items of procuring services.

"Personally its friends first. They run legitimate businesses and I must support them. I buy my chicken from Dorry Amonde Okoyo. My friend Mercy sells clothes I buy from her, I know she has ends to meet, my friends at Car Soko sell cars, if I can’t import my own I buy from them.

"My friends Dorcas, Byron Otieno Owago Onyiro and Josephine sell fish, I buy from them. I go to my neighbours carwash. Ben sells tires in Madaraka, you will never seem me at Yana. I would rather ask him to procure from them and then sell me. I go to The Urban Shave Executive Barbershop because I know Calvins and he is my neighbour at home. He is the guy who will show up at my time of need," Mijungu explained.

In conclusion, he asked Kenyans to be faithful and diligent when doing business to avoid losing the trust of customers who have chosen to engage them.

"If you are trusted with a responsibility. Don’t take advantage of friends and family. Refund what you borrowed, deliver what was ordered, offer the best services when called upon and don’t ask for more because you know he got some more where that came from. Treat your friends and family with the same attitude and professional mannerism you treat other people," the news anchor said.


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