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Otile Brown loses his unborn child

Kenyan singer Otile Brown grieves the loss of his unborn child

Singer Otile Brown

Renowned Kenyan artist, Otile Brown, has been thrown into mourning after losing his unborn baby.

The announcement, made through an emotional Instagram post on Sunday 2, came a week after Otile announced he was going to be a parent.

"It's all good. God you know i never ask or question you... All i do is smile and stay positive. Our baby didn't make it, i guess its not my favorite year no more," Otile Brown wrote.


On June 25, Otile Brown delightedly shared the news of his impending fatherhood with his followers on Instagram.

The 30-year-old artist expressed his unconditional love and anticipation for his upcoming child. The announcement garnered positive responses and congratulations from fans who eagerly awaited the arrival of the baby.

"Bizeee will soon be a pope, Inshallah.. I will love you so much baby #Inshaallah," Otile Brown joyfully declared.


However, this sudden turn of events has left Otile broken. The 'Nabayet' hitmaker has turned off all comments on Instagram and apparently deleted all his photos and videos on the platform.

Just like the first announcement, Otile Brown did not give any details about the person he's currently dating or the mother of his child

Following his breakup with ex-girlfriend Nabayet, Otile Brown has chosen to keep his love life private.


This has resulted in curiosity and speculation surrounding his relationships. The singer openly discussed the challenges he faces in finding genuine partners, especially given his fame and public persona.

"In this position I am, you don’t know whether the person you are meeting is sincere or not, it's a hard test. I think the best time to get a partner is on your way up; once you get there, it is hard to tell who is real and who is not," Otile Brown expressed during a recent interview.

While the singer is not actively searching for a partner, he remains open to settling down if he meets the right person.


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