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Otile Brown hints at new relationship and child 1 year after break up

Otile Brown has kept his relationship under wraps after his breakup with his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet

Otile Brown

Kenyan music sensation Jacob Obunga, popularly known as Otile Brown, has made an exciting announcement that he is soon to become a parent.

The 30-year-old singer shared the news with his fans through an Instagram statement on Saturday evening, expressing his anticipation and unconditional love for his upcoming child.

"Bizeee will soon be a pope, Inshallah.. I will love you so much baby #Inshaallah," Otile Brown joyfully declared, hinting at his future role as a loving father.

In his heartfelt message, he further emphasized, "I'ma love you hard kiddo," leaving no doubt about his dedication to his unborn child.


Following his breakup with ex-girlfriend Nabayet, Otile Brown has maintained a low-key approach to his love life, keeping his relationships private.

The renowned 'Dusuma' hitmaker candidly shared the challenges he faces in finding genuine partners, especially given his fame.

"In this position I am, you don’t know whether the person you are meeting is sincere or not, it's a hard test. I think the best time to get a partner is on your way up; once you get there, it is hard to tell who is real and who is not," Otile Brown expressed during a recent interview.


While the singer is not actively searching for a partner, he remains open to settling down if he meets the right person. Otile's past romantic involvements include a relationship with socialite Vera Sidika and his most recent partner, Ethiopian beauty Nabayet.

Beyond his personal life, Otile Brown took the opportunity to warn his loyal fans about fraudsters impersonating him and attempting to scam unsuspecting individuals.

He consistently reminds his followers not to send money to individuals claiming to be him, ensuring their financial safety and security.


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