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Khaligraph Jones in the march against police brutality [Pulse Contributor's Article]

Latest killing at Khaligraph's hometown

Khaligraph Jones

Kenya's rap heavyweight Brian Omollo, better known as Khaligraph Jones, has joined the march against police brutality which has been prevalent in the country. The latest case being in his hometown, Kayole.

On Thursday, the 31-year-old rapper shared on Instagram a trending picture of a masked individual holding a banner with the words: "KUNA SIKU MAYOUTH WATAUNGANA. KWANI NI KESHO!!"

In his caption, Khali apologized for being relatively quiet about the tragic incidents that have been striking different parts of the country since the beginning of curfew restrictions.

The Nikwa Ni Shoke artiste put the blame on the Kenyan government for failing to play its role of protecting its citizens.


He went further to suggest that the situation might escalate to the point of people attacking the State House.

"Just Too Much Bana, sorry been absent for a minute but shit maze, its Messed up out Here, polisi Wanatumia Curfew Kama excuse ya Kuumiza Raiyaa. Watu wanakufa Kila siku, sai Imefika mpaka Mtaa Yangu Kayole Maze, Serikali ya Kenya Imelala, ama Watu wakuje warushe Mawe uko statehouse ndio Mujue ni ukweli Raiyaa Inaumia? Cause vile kunaenda Uko ndio ni kama watu wanakuja Next. #endpolicebrutalityinkenya," Khali's caption read.

Also on Thursday, King Kaka, another Kenyan prominent rapper, took to Twitter to condemn police brutality and question the law.


"Police Brutality, another one in Kayole. What happened to law?" King Kaka tweeted.

Residents of Kayole protested the killing, blocking roads and lighting bonfires.

There were also unconfirmed reports of some protestors overpowering police officers who are trying to stop the demonstrations.

John Kiiru's death


The tragic incident happened on Wednesday night when patrolling police officers busted a 38-year-old John Kiiru who boarded a boda boda headed for home during the curfew hours.

While the boda boda operator managed to escape, Kiiru wasn't so lucky. The officers pursued him on foot before seriously beating him up, leaving him with fatal injuries that he later succumbed to.

The victim reportedly called his wife Esther Wanjiru at 12.30 am and told her that police had left him in bad shape. His lifeless body was found abandoned in the street later on in the morning.

The unfortunate incident happened just a week after two brothers were buried in Embu.

Benson Njiru, 22, and Emmanuel Mutura, 19, had suffered a similar fate after they were beaten to death by police for allegedly violating curfew rules.


During crisis times like these, celebrities usually have the opportunities to use their influence to push for a resolution.

For example, during the extensive Black Lives Matter protests in the US, or the End Sars campaigns in Nigeria, celebrities were in the forefront in campaigning for changes.

Kenyan celebrities should utilize their large social following in advocating for the end of police brutality. Their influence will come in hand in letting the world know how police are using excessive force in our country.

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