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Lady Bee helplessly watches as 5-year Athi River investment crumbles in minutes [Video]

Lady Bee reveals that she almost died on Saturday after an investment she has been working on for the last 5 years was demolished in minutes, says all her property was stolen in the process

Gospel singer Lady B

Kenyan Gospel artist Lady Bee recently shared her profound disappointment and heartbreak after witnessing her five-year investment crumble amidst the ongoing Athi-River demolitions, which have now entered their fifth day.

Through her social media platform on October 16, Lady Bee revealed the distressing experience she endured, expressing gratitude to God for her survival.

Lady Bee conveyed her gratitude for her salvation, highlighting that she narrowly escaped a potentially fatal incident on Saturday.


She testified to the sustaining power of the joy of the Lord even in the face of overwhelming pain. Her message resonates with those who witnessed their hard-earned property reduced to rubble without prior notice.

“I can't thank God enough for salvation, because sato ningedie. but am here to testify that indeed the joy of the Lord is my strength. Watching helplessly my property go down is the most painful thing ever. My heart is so broken, why didn't you give us notice then?” Lady Bee questioned.


She extended her condolences to her neighbors in Athi River, Mavoko County, where the events unfolded. The demolition, as she described, was inhumane, insensitive, and left many feeling broken.

“My condolences to all my neighbours at Athi River Mavoko County, what happened to us was so inhuman, so insensitive, so devilish, so far I’ve never been broken like this,” she wrote.

Over the past three days, Lady Bee admitted to sleepless nights and aching heartache as her five-year investment was dismantled in a matter of minutes.

“For the past 3 days sijakua nalala aki. Nimekua najinyima niishi maisha bora, 5 years investment inaenda chini kwa dakika. Kweli bottom imekuka. But for sure Yesu anaweza tufariji, anaweza rejesha na atatupa amani,” she wrote.


The bottom had seemingly fallen out of her world. Yet, through her faith, she found solace and the belief that Jesus could console, restore, and bring peace.

“I thank God because He's not a man, Solomon didn't kill the child by God's wisdom, why did you allow this to happen to us?? To fellow Kenyans, affordable houses really? Revoke title really? I've seen my neighbours build wakisweat. Chuma sasa zinaenda kwa vipimo, mobys wanasherekea. Mali imeibiwa yote but haina mambo, the God who saved me will answer very soon,” she wrote.

The ongoing demolitions in Athi-River have had a profound and devastating impact on hundreds of squatters and homeowners alike.


Families are grappling with the harsh reality of losing their homes, and school-going children have been forced to truncate their education as they seek new shelter.

Numerous churches, business premises, rental houses, and healthcare facilities have already been reduced to ruins, leaving residents in anguish and confusion.

This chain of events traces back to Monday when the East African Portland Cement Company secured victory in a protracted legal battle against a farmers association named Aimi Ma Lukenya.


The contested land, spanning over 4298 hectares in Mavoko, Machakos County, has been at the center of the dispute.

Political leaders in the Ukambani region have vehemently criticised the ongoing demolitions, accusing the government of orchestrating a land grab that is pushing natives, who have lived on the land as squatters, into impoverishment.

The demolitions have sparked outrage and condemnation, as many believe that the process lacks transparency and empathy.


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