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WATCH: Mammito humorously silences online bullies body-shaming her

Mammito was addressing haters who body-shamed her after sharing behind-the-scenes videos of a photoshoot

Comedian Mammito Eunice

Comedian Mammito Eunice has spoken out against body shamers who have been targeting her on the internet.

The award-winning comedian expressed her frustration with netizens who have been criticizing her over her appearance, particularly her breasts.

In response to the negative comments she received after sharing behind-the-scenes footage of a photoshoot, Mammito decided to confront her critics head-on. She made it clear that she would not allow body shamers to dictate how her body should look.

"Yes, sijakataa boobs zangu zimelala, but wewe unataka ziamke zikufanyie kazi gani ama ziende wapi? Mbona unaziamsha wachana nazi zilale. Ama zimelala kwako?" Mammito boldly retorted, challenging those who were trying to shame her.


She further humorously emphasized that her breasts have played a crucial role in her life, even in the fight against depression.

"Hizi boobs zimekuwa frontline ya kufight depression, making people happy. Mtu anakuja na stress, unauliza ni nini baba, ni taxes, shika." she said.

Mammito firmly believes that her body should be celebrated rather than discriminated against. She argued that her breasts have already done enough and should be allowed to rest.


Drawing a parallel with the idea of rest in religious context, she stated, "Hata wewe ukiwa na mtu umestand na yeye the right direction for 15 years utapumzika. So let them rest. Hata on the seventh day our Jehovah rested. Let them rest."

The comedian's response reflects her determination to stand up against body shaming and embrace her body as it is. Mammito's bold and humorous approach to dealing with criticism is a testament to her resilience and self-confidence.

Body shaming is a prevalent issue in today's society, particularly on social media platforms. Mammito is among the many celebrities who have to continuously deal with online bullies who target them based on their appearances.


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