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Akothee finally exposes man who allegedly stole Sh700K from her bank account

Man faces 12 charges for alleged theft of over Sh700K from Akothee's bank account


Award-winning singer Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, recently took to social media to shed light on a concerning incident in which a significant amount of money was allegedly stolen from her bank account.

Akothee publicly exposed the person she claims stole a substantial sum of money from her bank account.


The individual in question, identified as Simon Kipngetich Tonui, was accused of siphoning funds from a bank account linked to Aknotela Limited, an entity associated with Akothee.

"I just wonder if a whole institution can handle their premium client like this with a relationship manager, how about the rest? This is the thief who siphoned my money, Simon kipngetich tonui," she wrote.

According to a charge sheet shared by Akothee on Instagram on October 18, Simon Kipngetich Tonui faced charges related to the alleged theft of Sh717,111.

The purported criminal activities are said to have occurred on various dates between August 7 and September 15, 2023.


The charge sheet shared by Akothee against Simon Kipngetich Tonui outlines a series of offenses, including the theft of an Absa Bank Kenya Limited Visa Business Debit Card valued at Sh460.

The card was registered under the name of Esther Akoth Kokeyo, an apparent reference to Akothee.


In one of the counts, Tonui is accused of withdrawing Shs264,000 from an account registered under Aknotela Limited via ATM transactions within Nairobi. The theft reportedly took place between August 7 and September 13.

Additional counts detail separate withdrawals on different dates in August and August 31.

Akothee's ordeal came to the public's attention on October 8, when she shared her concerns about the safety of bank accounts and the response of banking institutions.


The singer expressed her frustration with her bank, which she described as a reputable institution that had managed her funds for years.

She mentioned that she was one of those clients who seldom scrutinises her bank statements, trusting that the institution was managed by professionals.

However, her complacency was shattered when her accounts were compromised, resulting in the loss of a substantial sum of money.


Akothee's social media post questioned the trustworthiness of banks and set off discussions about the need for greater vigilance by account holders.

Can banks be trusted anymore ?” Akothee wrote before explaining further.

“Because I am handling two cases with a highly reputable bank that has been handling my money for years. I am one of those clients who don't even read my bank statements, Stupidity made me think they are professionals until My account was compromised.”


She highlighted her experience of handling two cases related to her compromised accounts.

The case in question according to Akothee, dates back to February 2022. She claimed te bank had been evading responsibility and creating a circle of confusion around the alleged theft.

“There is a case pending since February 2022 that they have not been able to sort and have refused to take responsibility, they keep managing me with long stories. They equally know I don't have bank loans ,I have Zero stress and our relationship is banking and withdrawing.” Akothee wrote.


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