Marya Prude indirectly reacts to Willis Raburu’s new Hairstyle after fans tagged her

Let everyone live their best life- Marya

Willis Raburu with Marya Prude

Pulse Live Kenya

Marya Prude has indirectly reacted to Willis Raburu’s new hairstyle after fans kept tagging her in his photos seeking for her comment.

Taking to her Insta-stories, Marya acknowledged all who had reached out to her but maintained that everybody should be allowed to live their best life.

“Thanks to everyone that tagged me ...but Hey... Let everyone live their best life…. #IfyouknowyouKnow,” shared Marya Prude.

Last Friday, Raburu took many of his fans by surprise when he showed up for 10 over 10, with a new hairstyle (dreadlocks).

“Sasa Kuanzia leo muniite Ras Bazu,” said Willis while introducing the 10/10 show.

In a separate post, the Citizen TV news anchor advised his followers and fans to never allow other people to dictate how they will live their life.

He pointed out that in life you should only allow people to critique or advise but you have to make sure you make the final decision by yourself.

“Nobody should ever tell you how to live your life. They can critique or advise, but ultimately you Make your choices, therefore, Be you unapologetically. You can never please everyone. Keep moving forward. Successful people look like you!” shared Wilis Raburu.

Willis On Marya

In September, Raburu disclosed that he regrets exposing his relationship with Marya Prude to the public and wishes he could have kept it private.

However, the 10 over 10 host once again failed to confirm or deny if it’s true that they had parted ways, saying the only way he will ever address the matter is when they are being interviewed together.

"One, I love and respect Marya.

Two, I don’t blame anybody who said anything bad or good because mimi ndo niliwaonyesha in the beginning.

Si poa kusema kwamba ,mbona watu wananiongelelea sana yet mimi ndo nilikuwa nampeleka pale kwa Watu pale social media, nafanya kumpost. Napost picha zetu together.

Ningechoose kuwa Private kama vile tumejua mtoto wa Nameless the other day akiwa 13, so I don’t blame them for that, but that's not an excuse for wale watu waliongea vibaya sana. After that kitu nimeleearn ni kuwa private na nilijimbia ya kwamba the only time nitaongea in details about the matter ni kama huyo Mary Mwenyewe ako hapo ndo kukuwe na ile right of reply,” said Willis Raburu.


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