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I carry my daughter in my heart- Marya Prude’s heartfelt message to her late daughter

I carry my daughter in my heart- Marya Prude

Marya Prude

Marya Prude has penned down a beautiful message in memory of her late daughter Adana saying “I want to tell every person in the whole world about you”.

In her message, Marya stated that she will always miss her daughter and would like the stars know how she adores her.

“I carry my daughter in my heart.

I want to tell every person in the whole world about you. I want the moon to know how I Love you.The stars to know how I Adore you.The Sun to know how I will always Miss you”


Her message comes at a time the world has ushered in the month of October, that is always marked as the Pregnancy, Infant, and Child Loss Awareness Month.

October is used to spread awareness and acknowledge babies who are no longer here.


I miss my daughter - Raburu

On September 23rd, Willis Raburu also put up a tweet confessing how he misses his late daughter Adana. The short and precise message that reads “I miss my daughter... RIP” triggered emotions among his followers, with many encouraging him to stay strong as others made a prayer for him.

“I miss my daughter, RIP,” tweeted Raburu.

Raburu and his wife Marya Prude lost their baby back in January this year an incident that took a toll on the two.


“It was a very trying time and talking about it sometimes makes me very emotional so I try not to, but you are advised to. All I can say is that so many people came out and lashed at us saying very many bad things. But for me, that’s when you get to know your friends. That happened to us. It’s something I think about every day. It is very difficult. I don’t think people understand what that kind of loss does to you because I don’t think there’s any day yenye inapita that I don’t get affected,” said Willis Raburu.


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