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Sonko cautions supporters tattooing his face on their bodies

Mike Sonko's response comes barely a week after Maryanne Njoki from Murang'a tattooed his face on her thigh.

Mike Sonko

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has responded to the growing trend of supporters getting tattoos of his face on their bodies.

This comes in light of Maryanne Njoki's recent act of tattooing Sonko's face on her thigh, which garnered attention and prompted Sonko to share his thoughts on the matter.

Sonko took to social media to acknowledge the loyalty and love he receives from his supporters while gently expressing his reservations about the choice of getting tattoos.

"Nafurahia your loyal support pia mimi nawapenda but please, mimi nitawapenda bila tatoos because mwili wako ni yako na bwana yako na ya Mungu," Sonko insisted.


Despite his reservations about his supporters' tattoo enthusiasm, Sonko expressed his intention to personally meet Maryanne Njoki, the latest enthusiast to ink his likeness on her body.

"Yule dem wa Murang'a ntatafuta number yake akuje sababu yeye ni loyal supporter ntaangalia vile ntamsupport kimaisha but tafadhalini wacheni kujichorachora majina zangu na sura yangu

"[I'll find the Murang'a lady's phone number and find a way to support her because she's a loyal supporter. But please stop tattooing yourselves with my name and face]," Sonko urged.


Njoki's unique expression of admiration for Sonko came with a request to meet the former governor and personally convey her appreciation for his good deeds.

Maryanne's wish is to meet Mike Sonko in person and offer him a hug as a gesture of gratitude for his contributions.

"I was not even thinking of meeting him when I got the tattoo. I heard that he asked for my number. When I meet him, I would tell him that I love him for his work... If he accepts a hug when we meet I would be happy the ones who would talk let them talk... a tight one," she said.


She also expressed a desire to receive a hug from him, which Sonko welcomed although under the condition it remains respectful.

"I will see give her ile hug ya heshima and then listen to what made you get the tattoo," Sonko said.

Sonko said he was not going to meet any other person who has tattoed his name.


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