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Milly Wa Jesus' mother educates critics on in-law relationship

Milly Wa Jesus' mum says unless Kenyans decide to send her away, she will not stop interacting with Kabi Wa Jesus

Kabi Wa Jesus and his mother-in-law

The mother to popular content creator Milly Wa Jesus has had enough of the online trolling and abuse she has been facing on social media.

In a video uploaded on The WaJesus YouTube channel, Milly's mother expressed her frustration and announced her intention to take legal action against the fans who have been attacking her.

She stated that her relationship with Kabi Wa Jesus is misunderstood and urged people to seek cultural meaning of an in-law.


In the video, Milly's mother took the opportunity to clarify the nature of her relationship with her son-in-law, Kabi Wa Jesus.

She explained that in Kikuyu culture, she is considered an in-law to Kabi's family, and not directly him. She emphasized that she is Kabi's mother, and he is her son.

She urged those who may not be familiar with Kikuyu customs to seek accurate information before making assumptions.


"By the way, Othoni ni mimi na familia ya Kabi pale parents, and the extended family. Kabi is my son. and i am his mother. Kwa hivyo, hiyo sasa ni yenu. Kwa wale hawajui kikuyu waende waulizie vizuri. But for me, i know what am doing is good. I love my children and i am so happy," she said.

Despite the online hate she has received, Milly's mother expressed her unwavering love for her children.


She reiterated her deep affection for them and stated that she is incredibly happy with her family.

"Nawapenda sana na mi mkiniambia nisikaribie Milly na Kabi mi sijui... unless mnihamishe Kenya. Because you will see me many times, and continue hating," she said.

She made it clear that the negative comments and attempts to keep her away from Milly and Kabi will not deter her from being present in their lives.


Both Milly and Kabi, who were also part of the video, stood by Milly's mother and supported her in addressing the issue.

Milly acknowledged that the negative energy seemed to be coming from a specific group of people, whom she suspected may have been sent intentionally.

Kabi, on the other hand, encouraged his mother-in-law, assuring her that dealing with trolls is part of her growth and success.

Milly's mother recently joined TikTok and participated in a challenge where people showcase their wealth.


However, the video received backlash from fans who misunderstood its intention. Milly's mother clarified that she was merely participating in a challenge and not trying to boast about her wealth.

She emphasized her humility in real life, reassuring everyone that the video was taken out of context.


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