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Moya David details impact of losing TikTok account & backup plan if recovery fails

Moya David discloses impact of losing his TikTok account with more than 4 million followers, & outlines his backup plans if reinstatement fails.

Kenyan TikToker Moya David

Moya David, the most followed TikToker in Kenya, recently broke his silence regarding the sudden ban on his TikTok account, which boasts over 4 million followers.

In an interview posted by a local media house on March 11, the popular content creator expressed his confusion about the ban while affirming that his team is actively working to reinstate his account.

In his statement addressing the ban, Moya David admitted that he remains unsure about the exact reason behind the ban.


He emphasised his disappointment and frustration, considering the significant impact the ban has had on his work and connection with his followers.

Expressing his dismay, Moya stated, "I am not sure about the whole issue. I am following up to know. If you lose an account with all that following, you will feel disappointed. I feel disappointed with TikTok because I think there's a proper way of going around the whole thing."


As the most followed TikToker in Kenya, Moya's ban has sent ripples across the TikTok community.

He highlighted the concern that such actions could set a precedent where established accounts could be abruptly removed without warning or proper explanation, causing distress among content creators.

Moya added, "Since I am the most followed TikToker, this action makes other TikTokers feel like one can just open an account, grow it, and then when it reaches its peak, it is taken down."


Expressing his frustration further, Moya emphasised the need for TikTok to implement a transparent and effective strategy before taking such drastic actions.

He noted that his account received no prior warnings, and he believes he did not violate any community guidelines.

Despite the setback, Moya remains optimistic about the future. He assured his fans that he and his team are determined to bounce back stronger.


He also appealed to his fans for support. He urged them to voice their desire for his account's reinstatement on their own TikTok profiles.

Moya expressed confidence that even if he fails to regain access to his account, he possesses a dedicated fanbase substantial enough to rebuild from scratch.

"My fans are disappointed, but don't worry, we will bounce back strong soon... If it doesn't return, we will start over again. We have the fan base to start over again," he stated confidently.


By mobilising his dedicated fan base, Moya hopes to garner enough attention and support to expedite the process of restoring his account.


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