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TikTok king David Moya secures another big industry win

David Moya took to social media to share the great news with his followers and expressed gratitude for their support

Moya David at the e360 Awards

Social media is a constantly changing landscape where fame can be fleeting. However, for David Moya, the star has only continued to shine.

The talented dancer recently won the Male TikToker of the Year Award at the e360 Awards, and he couldn't be more happier.

The content creator took to his Instagram on Monday 20 to thank his fans for their support and voting for him again.

"Thanks to you, my fans and family, for giving me another moment of gratitude on life with this award voted as the Best Male TikToker of the year," Moya wrote.


Moya David's journey to fame is a unique one. He never thought he would become a dancer or a social media influencer.

He started by dancing and competing in roadshows, mainly for promotional items. But his passion for dancing eventually led him to pursue it professionally.


His rise to fame began in 2019 when he joined TikTok. At first, he posted videos of himself dancing, but he soon realized he could do more with his talent.

He started surprising people in public places with his dance moves, which became his trademark.

He has become one of the most popular stars out of TikTok in Kenya and has since worked with numerous corporate brands.


One of his most popular dances was for the hit song 'Mi Amor' by Jovial and Marioo, which has become his trademark.

He now surprises loved ones with his dance deliveries, and ladies always look for his services on their special days.


Moya David says his success results from his talent, consistency, creativity, persistence, passion, and interest in what his audience loves.

He says that he constantly reinvents himself to avoid becoming boring and predictable. He knows that maintaining social media fame is difficult, as people always look for the next big thing.

Moya has visited many countries to surprise his fans and clients by dancing. He has grown open other streams of income, including businesses.


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