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Mulamwah’s heartwarming letter to his unborn baby and girlfriend Sonie

Mulamwah & Sonie pours out their hearts to their unborn baby

Mulamwah and girlfriend Sonie pours out their hearts to their Unborn Baby

Comedian David Oyando aka Mulamwah poured out his heart to girlfriend Caroline Muthoni alias Sonie and their Unborn baby in a lovely letter.

On Monday, the funnyman took to his social media, confessing his love for Sonie and their unborn child, asking God to see them through the entire pregnancy journey. The Comedian said that words can’t even explain the amount of love he has for his family that will be expanding in the near future.

In his letter, Mulamwah noted that the journey has not been easy, but optimistic that God will take care of everything until the final stage.


Mulamwah to Sonie and Unborn Baby

“No words can explain the amount of love i have for you two. The feeling cant be explained either. It has been a long journey to this point and i thank God for the blessing; may he see us through to the end.

To my unborn, I don't even know what to call you yet 🙈 , I cant wait to see and hold you, welcome to the third planet, its the best place and the worst in equal measures. Always follow your heart , go for what it yearns for. Failure is always a step to success , nothing good happens on the first try , I wish you a long life full of blessings . We will talk more once you here 💕 cant wait for the fun we'll have together” reads Mulamwah’s post in part.

To his woman, Mulamwah wrote; “To my queen, its always a pleasure with you by my side. Thanks for carrying this gift despite the bumpy ride weve been through , and also for being the strong woman yo've always been . Keep soaring high in your career as well . I wish you nothing else but the best . Nomatter what may we always put the intrests of our egg first . I wish you a safe delivery . love yall 😘😍💕. @carrol_sonie”.


Sonie's Letter

On the other hand, Sonie also jot down a beautiful letter to her unborn baby.

“Letter to my unborn,

Oh Baby, You are my little precious gift from God. I have loved you from the start and I will never stop loving you. You are a miracle laying closely to my heart and carrying you in my womb is the most beautiful thing I have ever done in my life. I pray the Almighty God to continue protecting you each day as you grow fully inside the comfort of my body. I can’t wait to give you the best of this world my love"


We have been through a lot but you have been strong for me and giving me more reason to be stronger for you. I promise not to let you down no matter what comes our way. Si rahisi but we will do this through God’s grace. I love you so much baby and mama can’t wait to give you endless kisses and hugs . See you soon baby, continue growing in there and making me glow out here❤️. @mulamwah Thank you for being part of creating our litttle angel❣️” wrote Sonie.

The Big Announcement

Mulamwah and Sonie went public with their pregnancy back in April 2021, months after rekindling their lost love. At that particular time, Sonie was already 17 weeks into the pregnancy.

“We thank GOD for the blessings, may He see us through to the end as we open a new chapter in life . 🤰🏻💕 @carrol_sonie 17/42” shared Mulamwah.


The Pregnancy announcement come months the two rekindled their love, following their bitter fallout back in October 2020.

On January 27,2021, both Sonie and Mulamwah shared a romantic video jamming to Zuchu’s new tune Sukari and they could be seen kissing an affirmation that they had rekindled their love.



He narrated that it was not easy to accept that they had lost their child as he kept on struggling with the bitter truth until he had to go for counseling. He mentioned that the loss affected him in all aspects of life based on the fact that he was ready to welcome a new member into his family.

“…I once posted @carrol_sonie while in a hospital bed , we had just lost our baby at 3 months following stress after being trolled online. I have never been the same since then . Pole sana pia for all who looked up to me especially the kids, I have failed you 😔, but keep your heads up…” shared Mulamwah.


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