Comedian Mulamwah opens up about losing his unborn Baby and his deal with KFCB (Video)

Mulamwah speaks out

Comedian Mulamwah

Fast-rising Kenyan comedian David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah has for the first time opened up about on how the loss of his unborn baby affected him.

In an interview on Carolina Hot Edition, Mulamwah narrated that it was not easy to accept that they had lost their child as he kept on struggling with the bitter truth until he had to go for counseling.

He mentioned that the loss affected him in all aspects of life based on the fact that he was ready to welcome a new member into his family.

Losing Unborn Baby

“iliniaffect vibaya because nilikuwa nimeprepare hata nikiona msee amebeba mtoi tao nasema that’s us in a few, mnaanza kuangalia bei ya vitu za watoi zinafika wapi, but when that happened ilini-affect sana because at that time I was doing a lot of shows. So unapata Caro (my girlfriend) nimsick ako hospitali na unaenda show nca watu hawataki kujua una go through nini wanataka wacheke. You just put on a happy face, you make them happy but as soon as unatoka kwa stage,you go back kwa ile situation inakuhit. Unakaa Hospitali mpaka kesho asubuhi. So iliniaffect in all aspects, financially, emotionally and even my thought process was blocked I could not think of any other thing.

Tulikuwa counselled na Daktari, akatuambuia things happen and everything inakuja na reason ya God so we just started coping, we are recovering and now we are good, coz life has to go on,” explained Mulamwah.


Asked on whether KFCB kept their promise of helping him when he announced that he was quitting Comedy over cyber-bullying, the funny man said;

“Hiyo Time alikam through. First time alituma watu wake, kuna msee anaitwa Sammy Ondimu anawork na yeye close so akanicall tukaongea, then yeye (Ezekiel Mutua) pia akanipigia and we had a lengthy discussion hata akatutumia kakitu hiyo time. Ilikuwa tu doo mzuri iko tu na zero mingi. Then akaniambia take heart Corona ikiisha wewe kuja tumeet so hatuja meet na hiyo time nilikuwa Eldoret na kulikuwa na curfew so singetravel. So akasema kukitulia we can organize a meeting.”

In April KFCB under their CEO Ezekiel Mutua promised to partner with Mulamwah as the ambassador for clean content.

“I hear that twitterates are driving @mulamwah out of comedy & into depression. Bro pick yourself up and give me a call. I will buy you a new shirt, mentor you and make you an ambassador of clean content. The best way of dealing with cyber bullies is to refuse to give up!” said the KFCB CEO.

At that time, Mulamwah had burnt his signature shirt ready to hang his boots in comedy industry.



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