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Nadia Mukami & Arrow Bwoy light up social media with romantic kissing photo

Nadia & Arrow Bwoy ignite wild reactions among their fans

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy

Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami and Utembe CEO Arrow Bwoy have raised eyebrows among their followers after putting up their cozy and romantic photos.

The two who are currently in Zanzibar shared a photo kissing, prompting their fans to react.

The captions to the photo in question has fueled dating rumours among the two, while a section of Netizens was quick to sense a new project.

“My hardworking, patient, pure hearted handsome man! Baba Safari Aka Kindu wakwa 🙈 @arrowbwoy 📸: @sevenscreative_hubWrote Nadia Mukami.


Taking to his page, Arrow Bwoy also shared the same photo with a caption that reads; “Toto Si Toto …

You are my smart, intelligent,boss lady! Mama Safari🙈 @nadia_mukami My Beautiful Thing”.

The photos have ignited an endless discussion on Instagram, with Netizens gushing over the two with lovely comments.

However, a section was not convinced that the two are actually an item, saying the photos are being used to create hype around their upcoming collaboration. Previously, Nadia and Arrow Bwoy have worked together on a song dubbed Radio Love that has garnered over 5.6 million views on YouTube.



chriskirwaNa msababishi na mpenzi mtazamji ie @samgolddave alikuwa ana meza tuu maji”

theemwalimurachel “If this is ONLY a song loading I’ll be pissed! 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂”


holydavemuthengi “Na si unaskia utamu. 😟”

misskatiwa “Weeeeehhh,, but you make me so proud 😂😂😂😂😂”

letingkenya “Hebu release that song asap...”

officialkendikenya “Aaaawwww love is a beautiful thing. I'm happy for you baby girl @nadia_mukami enjoy”

baraka_kalume “Kanadia kamedungwa mshale na Arrow 💘🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏”


benjamin_ke.official “We are sorry 🔥🔥🙌🙌”

mainawakageni “Sawa tu @nadia_mukami... hata sijaskia vibaya #AfricanPopStar

henrydesagu “This is abnoxious, unfathomable, figgertigbbet, unparagooned and @arrowbwoy will know why a chicken drinks water and does not urinate😢😢 Once a mwihoko princess always”

wakio_mwadime “We love to see it. Happy for you baby girl”


symonizak “Kumbe ile tizi ya gym alikua anapiga ni ww ulikua unapigiwa 🔥🔥👏”

mainawakageniKwendeni huko. Sasa juu umemchukua my @nadia_mukami, acha sasa nita concentrate na Ciru”.

The Fall Out

In April 2020, Nadia shocked many when she confessed that her ex-boyfriend Arrow Bwoy moved on just two days after their breakup.

@nadia_mukami Kwani mliachana na Arrowboy?” asked Stivo Boy, to which Nadia responded saying: “@stivo_boy Alimove na siku mbili.”


The two who had dated for a while kept their affair a highly guarded secret and never talked about it whenever the question came up during media interviews.

This however, would not last long as things went south and they parted ways. After the breakup, Nadia publicly admitted in an interview with a local radio station that they dated for a year, but things didn’t work out.

In 2020 she confessed that she always gets stuck when she is in a relationship, and for that reason she has given herself a one year break from dating.


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