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Nameless narrates how he cheekily used bank's landline to freestyle on radio

Nameless used to work in an evening shift in a bank

Singer Nameless

Singer Nameless, in an interview with Oga Obinna on July 3, revealed a fascinating story about how his music career took off unexpectedly while he was working in a bank.

According to Nameless, it was the year 1999 when Capital FM was searching for talented rappers. Although he wasn't particularly seeking an opportunity in music, he decided to take a chance and give it a shot.

During that time, Nameless was working the night shift at the bank. When he heard about the rap opportunity, he swiftly left his colleague and hurriedly made a call from the next room using the bank's landline.


As the beats dropped, Nameless unleashed his freestyle skills. When asked for his name, he simply responded with 'Nameless' to avoid any trouble since he had used a phone that wasn't his own.

Returning to the office where his colleague was, Nameless was surprised when the colleague mentioned that there was a talented rapper named Nameless who had delivered an impressive freestyle.

Internally, Nameless felt elated, but he kept a low profile, unsure if others would appreciate his freestyle.

The following day, a similar occurrence took place. Nameless went to perform another freestyle, and upon his return, his colleague informed him that Nameless had once again captivated the audience while he was away in the washroom.


Nameless went on to share that he emerged victorious in the rap battle, earning him the opportunity to meet the renowned producer of that time, Tedd Josiah.

Excited about his accomplishment, Nameless confided in his then-girlfriend Wahu about what had transpired.

However, he chose to keep his true identity a secret from his friend, who remained oblivious to the fact that Nameless was the talented rapper.


During their meeting, Nameless performed for Tedd Josiah once again. However, this time, he received feedback that he lacked a hook in his performance.

Innocently, Nameless asked for an explanation, wanting to understand what exactly a hook meant in the music industry.

Tedd took the time to explain the concept of a hook to Nameless. It was at this moment that Nameless quickly formulated an idea and came up with the catchy hook for his upcoming song.


Nameless wasted no time and recorded his first song after his meeting with Tedd. To his surprise, the song was played live on air while he was still at the office, diligently working.

His colleague, unaware of Nameless' secret identity, urged him not to step away to listen to Nameless' song, unknowingly keeping him from experiencing the joy of hearing his own creation.

Nameless complied, secretly reveling in the fact that the song being played was indeed his own.

Unable to contain his excitement, Nameless couldn't resist rapping along to his own song, much to the confusion of his colleague.


It was evident that the song was new to his coworker, but Nameless saw this as the perfect opportunity to reveal his secret.

He finally revealed to his colleague that he had been the one calling in during their breaks, hyping up the artist known as Nameless.

The revelation left his colleague astounded, realizing that he had been working alongside a budding musical talent all along.


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