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Nana Owiti shares quality she loves most in King Kaka, says it's taken years to develop

Nana Owiti's heart melts every time her husband, King kaka, does this

Nana Owiti

Kenyan television and internet personality Nana Owiti recently shared admiration for her husband's qualities, particularly his dedication to their family.

In her Instagram post on February 10, Nana shared a photo of King Kaka dropping their kids off at school, and expressed how much it melts her heart every time he takes on this responsibility.

Being a person who loves keeping memories, Nana said that the picture captured a moment full of love that gives a glimpse of a father who pours into his family.


She gushed about how he is handsome, hard-working, funny, smart, and kind.

"There's this guy who lives at our house. He's handsome, the most hard-working man I know, funny and smart and kind and practically a superhero. My children call him Dad. I call him a Genius", Nana wrote.

However, what really melts her heart is when he takes the time to drop their children off at school himself instead of relying on the school driver.


This gesture may seem small, but to Nana, it speaks volumes about the kind of father and husband that King Kaka is.

"Last evening (lots of evenings) he makes this call to the school driver and asks him not to pick the kids and that he would drop them. Melts my heart all the time," She wrote.

Nana describes King Kaka as a genius whose lyrical prowess is evident in his music. But she also notes that he is a man who has grown over time to become the amazing husband and father that he is today.


According to Nana, it took years of hard work, prayers, tears, and a willingness to learn and grow for him to become the loving and nurturing husband and father he is now.

"I know most people want this type of man but truth be told he wasn’t always this man. He’s grown into this man. This right here is a finished product. It’s taken lots of prayers, tears, time and willingness to learn to be here," she continued.

She thanks him for leading them to church, providing for them, and nurturing them. She acknowledges that God has given them a wonderful family, a happy home, and love for each other, but the most important thing He has given them is each other.

"Thank you for leading us to Church, for providing and for nurturing us. We love you," Nana wrote.


Nana is grateful to have King Kaka as her husband and says that seeing what a great dad he only makes her love him more.

Nana Owiti and King Kaka have been married for eleven years.


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