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No time for boys - Natalie Tewa's bold choice in dating older men

Natalie Tewa reveals about her type when it comes to dating

Natalie Tewa

Content creator Natalie Tewa, while answering questions on her YouTube channel, revealed that she doesn't mind dating older men.

According to Natalie, a ten-year age gap doesn't mean anything, which indicates that she is open to dating older men.

She said that she has always believed that men take longer to mature, and she wondered who would take the lead in the family if she were to date someone on the same level as her.


"So, if we are on the same level, then who is going to take charge and lead the family properly?” Natalie inquired.

She continued by saying that the current generation tends to prefer dating men who are five or six years older. She also revealed that she has struggled with dating men her age.

Furthermore, she expressed that she has not dated anyone her age because she feels mature and considers herself a bit of an old soul.

In addition, she mentioned that she couldn't imagine sitting there and questioning how her partner could be younger than her.


However, she concluded by saying that sometimes what matters is maturity, and how a person's partner treats them in public says a lot.

Tewa surprised her followers in February by sharing a series of photos from her engagement on her Instagram page.

The 29-year-old blogger announced that she had said 'Yes' in an intimate ceremony in Nyali, Mombasa, where she had been vacationing with her girlfriends over the weekend.


She stated, "In the spirit of love, I've got some news... I said YES," Natalie shared, referring to her fiancé holding her hand after he proposed.

She later posted an elevator selfie of the two, with Tewa leaning on her partner's shoulder.

She also included lyrics from the song 'Steady Love' by American singer India.Arie Simpson.


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