Karen Nyamu causes a stir as she shares video getting Cozy with Baby Daddy Samidoh

Kichwa Tu- Karen Nyamu raises eyebrows with her video with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh

City Politician Karen Nyamu caused a hullabaloo on social media after putting a video, getting cozy with her baby daddy Samidoh Muchoki.

The video in question took her followers by surprise, basing on her recent apology to Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu following her involvement with her husband that led to the birth of Sam Muchoki Jnr.

Going through comments left under the video, many described Ms Nyamu as the most daring person they have ever seen. Others argued that Ms Nyamu is a homewrecker who is out to destroy Samidoh’s marriage.


propesaa “Katambe mamie. Usiwaogopee. Wengi tunakutambua! Kwani mmekula nini ya nani?”

sharon.k.mumbiThe most daring mama in town 😂😂😂”

sia_diaries254 “Leo ndo visiting day yako karenzo😁😂”

shi_kardashianYaaani mliacha kuogopa kapsaaaaaa😂”

kasuku20 “🙌🙌🙌 mweshimiwa wewe ni kichwa ngumu kama shuma za karriokor😂😂😂”

julie__kamau “Amkeniiiiiio tujibambe na video kabla goat wives wakuje kurusha mawe😂”

ericwainaina “Its official every man deserves a woman like you.... who goes for what she wants 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤣🤣”

paulah_alivista “Aki marriage is a scam 😢😢😢... As a woman how can you handle these aki🙌”

philipokumu “Wanawake wa kuwika“shame on you” mko wapi 😂😂😂😂😂maisha ya watu hamta yaweza”

tafladi😂😂😂😂😂😂😂niliwaambia mambo ya watu wawili huingizana vichwa muache😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

ngendo_karanja “Muhe fiu karen ndukerwo ni mundu...akuna makasiriko”

carryone_junior “Hampendi amani. Okay..more violence button pressed”

mbuguakahuki “🙌🙌🙌gal u got guts”

shekesmall “Ngojeni sasa mskie apologu/explanation ya samidoh! Atatudanganya nini this time round? Waiting.......”

nyarasembo23 “Its love and in kenyan its allow to have more that a wife 😍😍”


Ms Nyamu’s video come weeks after she apologized to Samidoh’s Wife Edday Nderitu following her involvement with her husband.

“I’m really sorry for the anguish that I may have caused you, all along I thought you knew because your Husband told me you knew. No excuses, I am really sorry for everything” Nyamu said a few weeks ago.


Nyamu went on to say that she has never met Samidoh’s wife but been involved in her projects to an extend of helping her secure a Sh9 Million tender.

“I have never met Samidoh’s wife but we spoke sometime last year…Now she is serving a tender worth Sh9 million which me and Samidoh’s brother sat down and did all the documents… until she got that tender. So is that a woman am fighting?”

“I am not a home wrecker; I can tell you all things that I have done…on the contrary build my baby daddies home and if I say here he will be angry because it’s not fair to expose some things”.

Just the other day, she also posted a TBT photo where she had visited Deputy President William Ruto accompanied by Samidoh.

“Throw back Thursday with baba SM jr and hustler 1 DP William S Ruto” shared Nyamu


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