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Njugush shrugs off Jua Cali's apology after TNTT remarks

Njugush thanked his army of fans that defended him and made Jua Cali apologize for his remarks.

Njugush and his wife Wakavinye performing in Australia

Comedian and content creator Timothy Kimani aka Njugush has responded to remarks by musician Jua Cali who said that the comedian should stick to producing skits instead of doing stand-up comedy.

Speaking moments after returning from his comedy tour in Australia, Njugush said he was grateful for everyone who had supported his comedy special, from the first instalment of ‘Through Thick & Thin (TTNT) 1’.

Responding to Jua Cali’s remarks, Njugush said he was unbothered because art is subjective and everyone is entitled to their own sentiments.

Unajua alisema ni boy wangu, but we have only met once. But it's fine, it is his own sentiment and everyone has their own opinion. His opinion does not prevent me from telling Kenyans to watch TTNT 1 to 4,” Njugush stated.


However, Njugush questioned how come, Jua Cali concluded that the comedian was not funny years after he had already ventured into stand-up comedy.

The content creator said that he had also faced similar critics in his career but managed to prove them wrong by surpassing their expectations.

TTNT 1, 2, 3 & 4 sold out. The UK was sold out, Australia was sold out. Do you know how hard it is to sell out a show outside Kenya?” Njugush said.

When we started Real House helps of Kawangware show, they said it would not go far but the show became a hit. When I left TV and became a content creator they asked why an actor would start doing skits,” he added.


Njugush highlighted the success of digital content creators who are now getting endorsements from corporate entities.

Njugush also thanked his army of fans that defended him and made Jua Cali apologize for his remarks.

Seeing guys coming out…. I didn’t have to talk. This is the first time I am speaking about the situation. I had been on a flight the whole time. I had a layover and stayed at the business lounge but that’s beside the point.

“The point is that people see what you are doing,” he said, adding that he was grateful for the support of fans and industry players as well.


Jua Cali also had to clarify remarks he made about Harambee Stars captain Michael Olunga.

In September 2022, Olunga shared a video of himself scoring a goal in a Qatar league match, to which Jua Cali reacted by saying, "Buda unacheza na mafala," which loosely translates to "Man, you are playing with fools."

These remarks sparked an online beef between Jua Cali and fans of Olunga, as well as Olunga himself.

Jua Cali clarified that he had no ill intentions when he shared the tweet and explained the meaning behind it.


The musician expressed his wish for Olunga to play alongside his peers in Europe, recognizing Olunga as a highly-skilled player.


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