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I will not marry Prezzo – Azeezah comes clean after Valentine’s Day proposal

Prezzo proposed to Azeezah at NRG Radio studio who accepted the marriage proposal

Prezzo when he 'proposed' to Azeezah Hashim at NRG Radio studio

NRG Radio presenter Azeezah Hakim has come clean on legendary rapper Jackson Makini aka Prezzo’s marriage proposal on February 14, 2023 as the world celebrated Valentine’s Day.

The singer made the marriage proposal at NRG Radio studios amid cheers from Azzeezah’s colleagues.

An emotional Azzeezah accepted the proposal and gave Prezzo a passionate hug.

A few months down the line, the 23-year-old radio host has clarified that the whole proposal was fake and she will not be wedding the 43-year-old rapper as the public may have been made to believe.


Business proposal and dating

Azzeezah who hosts NTV Teen Republik stated that the what happened on Valentine’s Day when Prezzo made his way to NRG Radio carrying flowers was not a marriage proposal but a business proposal to be the face of Grillz by Prezzo.

“I was never Prezzo’s fiancée, hence there’s no life after a proposal. It was never a marriage proposal, but a business proposal to be the face of Grillz by Prezzo,” Azeezah explained in a recent interview.


She added that never in her life has she ever been in a romantic relationship with the legendary rapper.

“We have never dated at all,” the presenter noted in a candid interview with Nairobi News.

At the time of the fake proposal, the two ‘lovebirds’ made the public believe that they managed to keep their relationship under the water until then, without giving out any information on when they met or started dating.

Calling herself the Media Messiah, Azeezah is a fast-rising media personality hosts the NRG Breakfast Show every Monday to Friday.


Prezzo on the other hand is an accomplished rapper and businessman who has been involved with several popular women in Kenya and beyond in the past.

In 2003, he was in a relationship with former radio and TV journalist Sheila Mwanyigha but they fell out and went their separate ways.


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