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The day I carried wet pants to the airport - Fridah Mwaka's most cringey moment

"Imagine vichupi vimeekwa kwenye paper bag? NTV news anchor Fridah Mwaka 'Kichuna' shares one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

Fridah Mwaka

NTV Swahili news anchor Fridah Mwaka has shared one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

Recalling a childhood memory, Fridah recounted her first airplane journey, which turned out to be quite a memorable experience.

In a segment on Radio 47 called 'Hii si ya Kusahau,' She vividly remembered her mother's secrecy surrounding the trip, leading to surprises at the airport.


As a child, she was unaware that she was about to embark on her first flight. Her mother simply mentioned they were going on a journey. Little did she know, the trip involved air travel.


Expecting a bus ride, Fridah packed some cold treats in her luggage. However, her suitcase also contained other items like a geometrical set, triggering a thorough search at the airport security checkpoint.

"Ilikuwa kule utotoni. Mara yangu ya kwanza kupanda ndege, Mamangu hakuniambia kwamba ntapanda ndege. Yeye aliniambia tu tutasafiri. Sasa unajua ile umeenda pale kongowea ukanunua vichupi ukaviosha alfu kesho asubuhi unaskia pack tunaenda Nairobi.

"Mi nilidhani tunaenda na basi nikaweka vile vichupi baridi. Kufika airport kukawa na vile tu geometrical set ndani ya bag so singeweza kupita bila search. Wakasema lazima wafungue ile suitcase," she said.

The embarrassing moment ensued when security officers discovered her packed items, including chilly treats in paper bags emitting coastal scents.


Fridah's discomfort was evident as her belongings were inspected, with some items spilling out during the search.

"Imagine vichupi vimeekwa kwenye paper bag. vina harufu ya mtumba, sabuni na joto la pwani. Na unajua wale wahudumu kwenye airport sijui huwa wana pressure ya nini, Yaani hata vile wanakutupanishia vitu. Sasa mimi napata vichupi zangu cha red huku zingine zimeanguka kule, It was so embarrassing I swear," she said.

Fridah Mwaka has become a household name in the realm of television journalism, known for her eloquence in the Swahili language and distinctive anchoring style.


Her on-screen chemistry with co-anchor Lofti Matambo has garnered attention, sparking rumors of a potential TV couple.

Beyond her role as a news anchor, Fridah is also celebrated for her unique fashion sense, both on and off the screen. Her impeccable taste in trendy attire has earned her admiration from viewers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

During her early days as a radio presenter, Fridah skillfully balanced her broadcasting career with her passion for fashion design. Her ability to juggle these pursuits has undoubtedly contributed to her success in the media industry.


Reflecting on her journey, Fridah emphasised the importance of courage in pursuing one's dreams. Her personal experiences serve as a testament to the rewards of determination and resilience.


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