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Octopizzo responds to allegations that Khaligraph Jones copied his Video

Keep Copy Pasting- Octopizzo

Rapper Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones

Number Nane finest Henry Ohanga aka Octopizzo took a jibe at his longtime nemesis Khaligraph Jones, after a fan reached out to him with accusations that Papa Jones had copy pasted his video.

A fan reported to Octopizzo, with claims that Papa Jones had copied his video dubbed "Jump PYDU" while creating visuals to his new song “Nikwa Ni Nishoke".

“Enda Uone Video ya Octopizzo Jump PYDU...Alafu sasa uone video ya Khaligraph Nikwa Ni Shoke… Khali ali copy Mt Ohanga 6 years Later” tweeted the fan.

In a quick rejoinder, Octo said that even if he shared legs with his competitors, they will never walk in his shoes.


“Ya Boyz couldn’t walk in my shoes if we shared legs…Keep Copy Pasting” said Octopizzo in a tweet.

“If they have or haven’t compared you to the DON, just know you still have a long way to go Since 2008 been the S.I UNIT. Am all they wish they would be. OCTOPIZZO” said Octo in a separate tweet.

A cross check done by Pulse Live, indicates that a few scenes in the "Nikwa ni Kesho" video have a slight similarity with Octo’s "Jump PYDU". Both videos were shoot abroad, hence the similarity in terms of Location.

Octo’s Jump PYDU, officially premiered on YouTube on March 18, 2015 and so far has garnered over 312K views.


On the other hand, Award-winning rapper Papa Jones unveiled visuals to his song Nikwa ni Shoke on June 1th and so far has garnered 198K views and Counting.

Khali’s song was inspired by a popular saying “Kwani ni Kesho” associated with Jeffrey Wizzo aka Wizzo Tanonane.

Its Audio was produced by Khaligraph Jones himself, while the Instrumental was Created and Engineered by Vinc on The Beat.

The video to the song was directed by Director Hussein Njoroge in Dallas Texas.

Check out the Two videos and be the Judge


The Beef

For the longest times, fans have always pitted Octopizzo against Khaligraph Jones for the crown of King of Rap in Kenya.

Just the other day, the two were again involved in a public fall out after Khaligraph Jones met Deputy President William Ruto in company of other artistes.


Jones said that his meeting with DP Ruto had turned his critics into cry-babies.

“Conversation between some of your Favorite Rappers right Now. ‘Imagine Bro, Khali aliitwa kwa DP meeting sisi tukaachwa tu’ MACHOSS TU. LUKU DROPS KESHO.. #RESPECTTHEOGS Bana smh” wrote Khaligraph Jones.

Before that, Octopizzo had Castigated musicians who met DP Ruto, calling them opportunists.

Octo claimed that the artistes were using Covid-19 as a cover-up for who they truly are saying, "So “Covid” imefanya “wasani” wakue opportunists. Niliwasho hizi watu ni mambleina wote mkadhani ni jokes sasa ona. 😂😂..Hizi gani.".


Octo’s tweet prompted King Kaka to join the Conversation saying he thought Number Nane Finest was part of the delegation that went to DP Ruto’s residence in Karen.


In September 2020, Octopizzo caught many by surprise, as he decided to put aside his long-standing differences with Khaligraph Jones, to congratulate him for his BET Awards nomination.

The Oliel hit maker however, insisted that their differences will always remain like that, as he wished Khaligraph the best.


“We’ve always had our differences & that will remain like that. But Congratulations Brayo aka KJones on your BET nomination, All my die hard go vote for jones, na akishinda hio award namvutisha vela Cha lazima si ati nini. All the Best ~ DON,” said Octopizzo in a tweet.


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