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Octopizzo's brother throws subtle jab at Shaffie Weru, Khaligraph & Otile's shoe game

Jimmy Truth's collection features high-end brands which he says many celebrities cannot match

A collage of Jimmy Truth and his shoe collection

In the world of fashion and flamboyance, shoes are not just footwear; they're a statement, an identity, and for some, a passion that sets them apart in the sneaker game.

Jimmy Truth, brother to the renowned rapper Octopizzo, has recently taken to TikTok to showcase his vast shoe collection, throwing a subtle jab at celebrities and sneaker aficionados alike, asserting that not even Shaffie Weru or Otile Brown can match his level in the sneaker and boot game.

"Only my bro can go head-on with me in the sneaker game. Even Shaffie Weru and Otile, known for their boots, still fall behind," Jimmy confidently claimed.

His collection, featuring brands like Amiri and Saint Laurent, is a testament to his deep-rooted love for footwear, a passion that transcends mere fashion to embody a lifestyle.


He further emphasises the significance of owning top-tier brands particularly in the realm of boots.

"If you claim to be a boots enthusiast, you shouldn't miss Saint Laurent in your closet," Jimmy adds confidently.

Jimmy Truth,whose real name is James Onyango Ohanga, speaks from a place of authority as a fashion designer and creative director.


His passion for shoes dates back to before he could afford multiple pairs, as he once expressed in an interview. "Once I earned my own money, I decided to invest it in shoes because I found it really cool," Jimmy recalled in a previous interview.

His journey in fashion design has been greatly influenced by his love for footwear, and he has developed shoe designs that he hopes to unveil at the right time.

Several other celebrities, including Shaffie Weru, Octopizzo, J Blessing, Tanasha Donna, Khaligraph Jones, MP Felix 'Jalang'o' Odiwour, and Otile Brown, have openly shared their affinity for shoes, showcasing the importance of footwear in the entertainment industry.


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