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Oga Obinna hits back at Peter Salasya's exploitation claims

Oga Obinna vs. Peter Salasya, who is clout chasing?

Oga Obinna

Media personality and comedian Oga Obinna has hit back at Mumias East MP Peter Salasya after the latter accused celebrities, including Obinna, of capitalizing on Stevo Simple Boy's financial difficulties for clout.

Obinna took to his Instagram on July 2 to address the allegations, cautioning Salasya against exploiting Stevo's situation while expressing gratitude to those who have offered their support to the artist.

Peter Salasya during a conversation with Stevo on July 1, pledged to assist him by building him a house in Oyugis and renting an apartment for him in Nairobi.


"I will help you wherever I can, I will build a house for you in Oyugis….so Monday, you will have a new home, tafta ile nyumba itakupendeza mimi I will do the necessary.

"For the first three months, I'll pay rent for you so that you stabilize, I'll also look for some furniture, mattress, bed, for you," Salasya told Stevo.


Salasya also advised Stevo Simple Boy to take charge of his own career and finances. He shared his own experiences of managing his campaigns during elections as an example for Stevo to follow.

Salasya encouraged the artist to be vigilant in ensuring that promises made by those claiming to help him are fulfilled.

"Tuache kubeba hawa artistes ujinga, wanakuja wanamake stories wanatrend they don't help the young people….wale wanatafuta kutrend na they are not doing what they have promised to do mshindwe kabisa," he said.


Salasya said that Obinna do not have millions as he alleges.

Oga Obinna defended himself against Salasya's accusations of clout chasing. He warned the MP against using Stevo Simple Boy's situation as a means to gain popularity on TikTok.

Obinna expressed his frustration with individuals who seek to exploit artists' struggles without genuinely assisting them.

"Let's help the Stevo simple. All this kizungu mingi na catwalk haitasaidia. Let's hope you will be true to your word. If Stevo wins I'm happy. I help kidogo, you help kidogo and any other person. About Millions - Read Luke 21:1-4 The much I have is not from CDF. Stop blubbering like some uneducated blogger. Talk from a point of verified information," Obinna said.


He called for an end to the trend of making empty promises for personal gain while neglecting the needs of struggling artists.

Obinna emphasized the importance of providing tangible support rather than engaging in empty rhetoric.


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