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Raphael is not Gay- shouts Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan with Son Raphael  Junior
Zari Hassan with Son Raphael Junior

South Africa based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan is breathing fire to people trolling and making fun of his son Raphael Junior after he came out the closet as Gay.

In a video, Zari maintained that her son is not gay but opted for the gay tag as a defense mechanism against older women seducing and sending him nudes on Instagram.

An angry Ms Hassan went on to say that in an event that it turns out that her son is actually gay, she will support him fully. The mother of five added that Raphael has a girlfriend, and his statement was blow out of proportion.

"There been videos of my son trending where he came out to claim that he is gay. And it’s been blow out of proportion, and lets clear one thing. Raphael is not Gay, he is dating and he actually started dating since was like 14…he is not Gay, but for example if Raphael turned out to be Gay today, as his parent, him mom it’s something am gonna support him through, its my duty as a parent because that would be a choice that he has made, a life he has decided to live, to be gay but for now we gonna clear that air to say Raphael is not gay” said Zari Hassan.

The mother of five also lectured Tanzanians and netizens at large, telling them to keep off her son and stop dictating how she should live with her family.

Tanasha Donna’s message to Diamond Platnumz

Diamond and Tanasha Donna
Diamond and Tanasha Donna

Singer Tanasha Donna Oketch penned down a message of appreciation to her Baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz after appearing on the list of 10 most viewed African songs on YouTube in 2020.

A thankful Ms Donna expressed gratitude towards Chibu Dangote for believing in her and accepting to feature in her song #GERE that appears on the list at number seven with over 22 million views.

"Huge thanks! Gere by myself & Baba @naseeb.junior made it to Most viewed African songs on Youtube 2020. Grateful to @diamondplatnumz for believing in me & collaborating with me on such a big tune & to the supporters who’ve supported me & continue to believe in me so far. Cheers to a greater 2021 Inshallah. The dream continues.... 🧚🏽‍♀️❤️” reads Ms Donna’s message.

Upon seeing the message Platnumz replied “NJ's MoMy!!! 🔥⛽🚬”.

Singer DK Kwenye Beat and wife welcome a bouncing baby Girl

DK Kwenye Beat and his wife Shanice Wangechi
DK Kwenye Beat and his wife Shanice Wangechi

Gospel singer David Kilonzo aka DK Kwenye Beat and his wife Shanice Wangechi have welcomed a bouncing baby girl into their family.

A grateful DK shared the news on Friday, revealing that they had named their bundle of joy as baby Kayley Leilani Kilonzo. The name Kayley means Who Is Like God.

The Asusu hit-maker went on to thank Doctors who were in charge of his wife’s safe delivery, as well as their parents for being supportive throughout pregnancy journey.

“When they say good things are for free,I say thank you God.We have travelled a long journey of so many matters but now we are grateful for this bundle of joy that we have been blessed with.

My heart felt gratitude to my Love @shanicewangechi for adding a reason of joyous moments in 2021 by giving us baby Kayley is truly a blessing to be your father and your mums chosen one…

We shall forever remain grateful to the @rfh_healthcare team for their professionalism, availability and their cordiality which made the delivery of this gift so easy simple and comfortable to mama _Kayley Leilani Kilonzo_ To our parents, what a great honour it is to be supported and know that you have had our backs from day one, blessings upon you in spades, we celebrate you now and forever" said DK in part.

Omar Lali breaks silence on claims of dating Koko Kamillah

Koko Kamillah with Omar Lali
Koko Kamillah with Omar Lali

Omar Lali, the Lamu-based boyfriend to the late Tecra Muigai Karanja refuted claims that he is in a romantic relationship with a lady identified as Koko Kamillah following the virality of their photo.

In a video seen by Pulse Live, Omar maintained that Koko is a friend he has known for many years and people should refrain from spread false information about him.

He went on to state that, currently he is single but in case of any changes in his love life he will let people know.

"I have known Koko for years, she is my friend, she is not my girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend, so what they are writing in the media and newspaper, Poleni sana that time is not ready yet and when the time is there you guys will find out because I’m still here, I’m still living, I’m still Human. So don’t take advantage on people and write stupid things, on Twitter, Facebook or on Paper, Pls Guys Get a life, if you don’t have anything to do with your life come to Lamu we take you fishing” Said Omar Lali.

In the video, Lali is seen with Koko who had earlier on cleared the air saying they were just friend and their photo was blow out of proportion.

Bahati’s open letter to President Uhuru after extending Curfew to March 12

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Bahati
President Uhuru Kenyatta with Bahati

Singer Kevin Bahati penned down an open letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta after extending the Nationwide curfew to March 12, 2021.

A disappointed Bahati, asked the Head of State to be mindful of artistes who earn a living through performances and public gatherings.

In his letter, the singer argued the creative industry has been suffering since the Coronavirus pandemic checked in and the continuous lockdown of the economy has affected many artistes negatively.

“Dear Mr President;

Happy New Year... This is 2021; No PR No Stunts No Kikis... Just to Let You Know that this Musicians are Someone's Husbands, Wifes, Dads and Mums. Yes ,we have People Who Fully Depend on us and We Have employees too. Your Excellency I don't Know if in Your Cabinet there's anyone Who Cares about The Creative Industry; the Djs, Event organizers or anything Concerning the Entertainment Industry.

But if You keep Locking Down the Economy and Limiting Events that We fully Depend on that's SIMPLY KILLING OUR CAREERS!!!

We Kids Just like Yours and its our Cry You Reason with us as a Father. Ata ile 100M hatukuipata but we are still pushing... We are Making Hits that are not paying us Back😭😭😭 Dear Mr President Remember and Consider the Creatives & The Entertainment Industry.

GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS KENYA 🙏 🇰🇪” reads Bahati’s letter to President Kenyatta.

I lost my Car, was homeless for a Minute- Andrew Kibe

Photos of Andrew Kibe's upcoming radio station Rogue Radio
Photos of Andrew Kibe's upcoming radio station Rogue Radio

Media Personality Andrew Kibe opened up on the struggles he went through after parting ways with his employer Kiss 100.

In a video, Kibe disclosed that following his exit from Radio things did not go as per his plans and he ended up losing his car and the house he was staying in.

" 2020 f**ked me so badly and rewarded me at the same time…you remember I quit my job thinking I will make it immediately... That journey is long and hard don’t lie to yourself. You have to go and beg while pitching to people who don’t want to listen to you…I lost my car, I lost my house where I was living. I was homeless for a minute.” Said Kibe in the video.

He went to say that things have started to take shape, after the launch of his own Radio dubbed Rogue Radio.

"…am not saying things are good but at least with Rogue Radio am going somewhere…” noted Kibe.

He however maintained that it was okay to take time off and rebuild yourself when faced with tough times.