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Goat for dinner? Marie Rose's Christmas critique leaves Gidi Gidi in stitches

Radio Jambo's Gidi Gidi engaged in a lively exchange with his daughter, Marie Rose, upon revealing that he had slaughtered a goat for Christmas.

Gidi Gidi and daughter Marie Rose

Radio Jambo's Joseph Ogidi, popularly known as Gidi Gidi found himself in a comedic yet enlightening exchange with his daughter, Marie Rose.

As the festive season unfolded, Gidi Gidi decided to share his Christmas merriment with his daughter, only to face unexpected criticism for his choice of celebration.

In an Instagram video on 26, the radio host revealed Marie Rose's disapproval of his festive feast—a goat he had chosen for Christmas dinner.


In the video call with Marie Rose, Gidi excitedly shared the news of his Christmas celebration, revealing that he had slaughtered a goat for the occasion.

Little did he anticipate the spirited response he would receive from his daughter, who seemed genuinely shocked at the revelation.

"You're crazy...You killed a goat...are you serious," she questioned.


Marie Rose, having her perspective on the ethical treatment of animals, scolded her father for what she perceived as an inhumane act.

Her immediate reaction showcased a compassionate concern for the well-being of the goat, challenging the cultural norm of sacrificing animals for festive meals.

Throughout the conversation, Gidi Gidi attempted to explain the cultural significance of slaughtering a goat during Christmas, emphasising the festive tradition.

"Marie Rose, it's Christmas so we must have a goat," Gidi responded, trying to explain to her why it had to be done," Gidi said.


However, Marie Rose remained resolute, asserting that it was Christmas for the goat and its family too.

"It's Christmas for the goat and his family...You cannot kill an animal like a goat, " she replied.


Gidi Gidi's shared video resonated with many viewers who found the intersection of tradition and ethical considerations amusing and reflective.

Captioning the video, Gidi Gidi humorously expressed regret for disclosing his Christmas feast plans to Marie Rose.


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