Ripser Faith opens up on struggling with weight, set to undergo liposuction surgery

I'm even scared of making love to my husband – Risper Faith

Ripser Faith opens up on struggling with weight, set to undergo liposuction surgery

Socialite and former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith has disclosed that she has for a long time been struggling with weight, and that she does not feel beautiful anymore.

In an emotional video she shared on YouTube, the mother of one said that after marriage everything changed. She mentioned that she was used to a small body, and she has been struggling with weight for about 2 years.

I remember very well, after giving birth I weighed myself I was about 100Kgs, but over 22 months after giving birth, I’m around 116Kgs. Surprisingly my body is just growing and growing. I don’t feel beautiful anymore, I don’t feel myself anymore,” she said.

Risper Faith said that the struggle with weight has always had her moody, and she always stays indoors, only going out when she has to, because she is not confident in her body.

Right now nimelose shape hata nakaa tu kama mtungi ya Keg. I’m just there, I’m even scared of making love to my husband because I feel like I’m not beautiful enough, and maybe he sees me in a different way right now. I don’t know,” said the socialite.

Ms Faith noted that because of this struggle, she had decided to seek help to get back in shape, because it has really affected her, to the point of beginning to affect her marriage as well.

She added that if the situation continues to be like it, she could even become obese.

So, I’ve been thinking of doing the liposuction. I just want to go for surgery, they remove all the fats in my body and let me be,” said Risper Faith.

She added; “I don’t know how I’m going to tell my husband because this is a decision, we both need to make and it involves a lot of things and I just hope and pray that he will accept and support my decision because at the end of the day, its about me. I’m a girl, I want to feel sexy, I want to feel beautiful, I want to feel myself. In this house there are so many mirrors you walk around and you just look at yourself in the mirror and you just don’t like what you see in the mirror.”

(Liposuction-is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck.)



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