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Video of lady narrating horrifying ordeal in CBD injects fear among Nairobians

A Nairobi lady, Rishdevocalist, shares her horrifying ordeal of being drugged and robbed in Nairobi CBD

A screenshot Nairobi lady who was drugged and robbed in Nairobi CBD

It was just another regular day for a Nairobi lady on her way home from work. She had finished her work shift and decided to take the usual route back home.

However, little did she know that her life would turn for the worse that day.

In a recent TikTok video that has since gone viral, the lady who identifies as Rishdevocalist on TikTok narrated her experience with so much horror and fear in her voice. She recounted how she was drugged and robbed of all her belongings in the heart of the city.


According to her, it was around 7 or 8 PM when she left her workplace and headed to the Odeon stage to board a matatu. The queue was long, and it was moving slowly. She joined the queue and waited patiently for her turn.

"So mi natoka shughuli zangu kuelekea pale Odeaon kama kawaida because it was around 7 or 8 pm. Alaalfu, there was a line to board the matatus.

So I joined the queue like everyone else, the line was so long, and it was inching forward very slowly," the lady narrated.

As she was waiting, an elderly couple who were not in the queue approached her, appearing lost and needing direction.


The woman was well-dressed and looked like she had just left the church. The lady kindly directed them to the right matatu and even offered them a spot in front of her owing to their age.

"The woman was so well dressed, anakaa kama ametoka church or something," she said.

However, things turned for the worse when the elderly woman offered her some biscuits, which she ate without suspecting anything.


Shortly afterwards, the victim blacked out and woke up at the Kitengela stage, near Afya Centre, having been robbed of all her belongings, including her phone, laptop, and handbag.

"They were a bit old, weuh guys me I don't know what happened from there I don't know how I found myself at the Kitengela stage karibu na Afya Centre uteremka chini. That is where I found myself.

"Mpaka ile fulana nilikuwa nimevaa I didnt have anything, even my handbag and laptop," she said.

This incident has left Nairobi residents, in fear, with many expressing their sadness and concern over the state of insecurity in the city.

Kenyans have been consoling the lady and giving their own accounts of similar incidents that have occurred in the past.


It is essential to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, be wary of strangers, and avoid putting oneself in vulnerable situations.

Stay safe out there!


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